First Big Smoke for some Saturday night football W/Qview

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  1. Morning everyone. My wife and I got back from our honeymoon last weekend and went to pick up my wedding gift from her at Lowes. She got me the Master Forge Dual door vertical gasser. Got it sealed up with some fireplace rope and then fired it up and seasoned it earlier in the week.

    Last night I got the butt and ribs rubbed down and in the fridge for an early wake up. Power went out last night, so I was an hour late getting up and starting the smoker this morning. I had it hot and the butt on by 6:00 AM, but was originally shooting for 5:00 AM. Game time is 7:00 PM, so I am hoping I have enough time and don't get a long stall. Got the temp locked in at 225 right now, but thinking about bumping it up to 230-235. I have a mix of cherry, apple, and oak for the day's smoke. Two racks of spare ribs going on around 12:00-1:00ish, and then ABTs and Dino eggs around 3:30-4:00 PM. If I am off on my time-line, please let me know. I will be updating throughout the day.

    I have to make a run into town for some beer and to fill another gas tank just in case. Football all day and the smell of the there a better way to spend a Saturday? Here is what I got so far.


    Got the butt on sale this week


    Got the spare ribs already split, but the butcher kinda butchered them. He cut the tips off..aaarrrrrrgghh, so I am short about 3 ribs on each rack. I normally buy them already cut and they are perfect. Must be a new butcher. The rest of the meat goes in the freezer for Brunswick Stew as soon as it gets a little nippy outside.


    Butt rubbed down and ready for the fridge.


    Ribs rubbed and ready for fridge


    Butt going in at 6:00 AM

    I will update as the day goes on. Off to the store for some gas and beer, and then back to prep the ABTs,  Dino Eggs, and Cole Slaw.

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    Looks like a great start!
  3. chef willie

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    looks good so far. I have the same unit, you're gonna enjoy that. Hope to see some finished pics.....
  4. OK, so being the new guy here, I had to wait to post the rest of the pics until the admins checked out my post. Here is how it tuned out. My timeline ended up being just about perfect and all the participants cooperated without any fuss.


    Put the ribs on about noon and probed the butt. It was at 155 and forming some nice bark.


    Thin blue smoke seems to be hard to capture on film., but it was looking and smelling great.


    While the ribs and butt were doing their thing, I prepped the Dino eggs and ABTs. Forgot to take a pic of the ABTs pre-smoker.


    Ribs and Butt came off the smoker at about 5:00 PM. The butt was at 202* and the ribs would pull apart. Wrapped them in foil and and towels and in the cooler. The ABTs and Eggs still had about an hour to go. Family showed up at about 6:00 PM with chips and dips and drinks ready to eat and watch the DAWGS beat Tennessee.


    Butt all pulled and ready for consumption...Got RAVE reviews from the family on how good this was. They were all eating it as it was getting pulled and there was collective humming in the kitchen. mmmmmmmmmmmm  LOL


    Ribs turned out great! Super tender with a great smoke ring. Did both of these dry. I don't think anyone sauced these at all when we ate.


    Bear View


    The ABTs and Dino eggs were outstanding! They got torn up while the ribs and butt were being prepped to serve. Did cream cheese, 4 cheese Mexican shredded mix, and ground sausage for the filling in the ABTs and wrapped the Dino eggs in spicy ground sausage and bacon.

    We also had some Cole slaw to go with the pulled pork and ribs. I asked about beans, but everyone was more content to pile their plate high with meat, cole slaw, ABTs, Eggs, and chips.

    I want to tell everyone on here THANK YOU! I would never have been able to pull off a smoke this big for my first run without the knowledge contained here. Thank you all for my new addiction!

    Oh, and GO DAWGS!

  5. So far, I am loving it!
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    Looks like a feast and obviously the family and friends loved it. Great Job.

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