First Beef Brisket Today!

Discussion in 'Beef' started by drlchi, May 16, 2015.

  1. drlchi

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    This weekend I decided to do a brisket, Texas style....boom!

    Went to my butcher and got a 6lb brisket, was expensive too so hopefully I don't screw this one up! Not the best cut ever, but the meat quality is great. I put a pint next to it for a size reference...Tyskie, Polish beer, if you haven't enjoyed one, I suggest you do...

    Here she is coming to room temp after sitting in the fridge all night with a salt/pepper/garlic powder rub. I actually had to cut the point off because it wouldn't fit in my cabinet smoker properly...guess that's the side I'll be throwing in. I think I may have trimmed a bit too much off the fat cap, but live and learn ;)

    Acquired some mesquite logs and got the smoker up to about 250F, using the cabinet smoker again because my barrel still needs to be cleaned after the long Chicago winter and I'm lazy...I've never used mesquite wood before so this is all very different from what I am used to, which is pork ribs and butts using mostly cherry or pecan.

    I'll report back with some more pictures once I wrap it up...

    What's everyone else smoking today?

  2. dukeburger

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    Torrential downpour this morning postponed my breakfast fatty until tomorrow, but I will be putting a 12lb brisket on the WSM at midnight.

    Looks like you're off to a good start, I'll be watching [​IMG]
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  3. drlchi

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    Sounds good! Hope it goes well (I'll keep an eye out for the thread)... There's clouds looming over here too and haven't seen the sun all day, hope it doesn't rain!
  4. oldschoolbbq

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    Yeah , looks as if you peeled it a bit too much ,  always leave the fat cap on , unless it's super thick.

    And you sad you're doing it Texas style [​IMG]  . Not by wrapping it in foil , leave that meat in the smoker (untouched) until the temp. is right and the meat is toothpick tender.

    THEN, you 'll have done it Texas style [​IMG]  . Better Bark and just as juicy. The rub is right  , so just let her go and have your patience gathered. And as always , have fun and . . .

    one of mine

     The point fell off . . .

     look at the juice . . .

  5. drlchi

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    No wrapping in Texas - got it....good thing I'm in Chicago ;)

    Sorry, I forgot to take some pictures when I took it out to's how it turned out:

    Real nice smoke ring, was pleased with that. Also retained much more moisture than I was expecting, which was also nice...

    Probably could have left in the in smoker wrapped for another 30-45min and then let it rest for another 30-45min on top of the 1.5hrs I let it sit. That being said, it was still much, much more tender than I was expecting and fell apart in some spots, but I'll remember to let it go for a bit longer next time - which will be next weekend!

    It made great sandwiches and went fast - I have no leftovers! The mesquite smoke was definitely much more prevalent and thicker than a cherry smoke or pecan smoke is, but luckily I didn't over smoke this thing. I took some to my old man who used to live in Dallas, he said it reminded him of the past! All in all, I think my first brisket smoke went pretty well!

    Any pointers for next time based on my description/images?

    What's everyone smoking today?


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