First Bacon Weave

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  1. I finally did a bacon weave, and it was fun.  It really makes an impression on your guests.  I stuffed two pork tenderloins and a pork loin.  I put the weave on the loin.  Sorry, but I got carried away after slicing and forgot to take pictures until there was only one slice of loin left.  Next time I plan on doing a jellyroll cut on the loin to get more stuffing and improve the visual effect.  I stuffed the tenderloin with Kalamata olives, sundried tomatoes and spinach.  The loin I stuffed with dried apples, cranberries, apricots, 40 Creek, and brown sugar.  As you can see the weave went on the loin.  It was good.

    Loin starting cook

    Tenderloins ready to go

    Everyone is just cooking fine.  Loin has been on for a little longer

    I was pleased with my first bacon weave and it tasted really good

    Only leftover...can't wait to do another

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    Looks great... Love the flavor combos...

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