First bacon smoke

Discussion in 'Smoking Bacon' started by molson xxx, Nov 16, 2014.

  1. Completed my first Boar Bacon smoke today i will take pictures and try to figure how to post them
  2. Trying to post pictures from a cell isn't reall working out
  3. red dog

    red dog Smoking Fanatic

    Is that wild boar? Sure has a nice dark red color. And that's a nice roomy smoker you have there.
  4. Yes wild boar, the smoker is a ss commercial fridge i got from work. This was my first time using it
  5. daveomak

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    Molson, evening.... Try smoking meat without a water pan... The meat takes the smoke better.... Dry the outside of the meat and form a pellicle before adding smoke... Dave
  6. Dave, i used a dry rub cure with maple syrup for 7 days soaked for an hour in water and patted dry with paper towel, then placed in fridge for 24 hours un covered. Also i posted a question about the water pan and didn't get a response so i looked it up some use them some dont no real straight answer either way. My heater is electric and i didn't want to chance a fire from drippings so i used the water pan.
  7. First cut. How does it look?
  8. bearcarver

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    Bacon looks Good, Molson!!![​IMG]

    I agree with Dave---No water in the pan.

    If you're worried about drips catching fire, put the pan there, but no water in it.

  9. Bacon looks good. As said above don't use water in the pan. It shouldn't be dripping. You don't want to render your bacon or cook it. Your only after smoke. What Temp are you running your smoker? I always cold smoke mine however some do a warm smoke of around 135°-140°.

    Happy smoken.

  10. Ok will do next time thank you for the advice!
  11. I brought it up to 145 internal

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