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Discussion in 'Pork' started by testar77, Jul 23, 2012.

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    So I went to the meat market I always buy my meat to pick up some spares to bring to a potluck........ They were out! [​IMG]   All they had were baby backs.  So I didn't really have much choice but to go with baby backs, short of getting my meat somewhere else (which I didn't want to test a new meat source on others).  I was a nervous wreck!  I don't like doing things for the first time when they are going to be served to those outside my immediate family. AND on top of never doing Baby Backs, I was also using a smoker had just picked up for the first time as well.  To say the least it was a very stressful 5 hours.......  Well over all I was pretty happy with how things turned out.  They were nice and juicy when I cut them, but by the time it was eating time they had dried out just a little bit.  Fortunately these people didn't seem to be quite as picky about their ribs as I am because they were the hit of the potluck.  It all worked out great thank God!  Most of it is due to the great info that you find on this site, so thank you to everyone that contributes to this site.  There isn't much you can't find using the search bar.  Or just plain asking a question.  I did give you some final Qview, unfortunately not the step by step like I usually do ( I was stressed and in a hurry lol)

  2. They look tasty.  How low did you smoke them?
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    The plan was to go with the 2-2-1 method at 225*, but there was a time during the first 2 that the temps got higher than I wanted.  So it really ended up being more of a 2-1.5-1
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    Looks good, nice color. What did you put on them?..JJ
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    I applied a rub by Memphis Smokehouse the night before then wrapped them in Plastic Wrap.  During the foil I used the brown sugar, squeezy butter, Honey, and a little sprinkle of rub.  Then about 20 minutes before I took them out I put a THIN glaze of a BBQ sauce I made using the juices of a Pork Butt I smoked on the 4th as the base (it is delicious).  Well that's about it I think lol

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