First Baby Back Ribs

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  1. So I bought a new smoker last week and decided the best way to try it out was with some ribs. So I got a package of three whole slabs of Baby Back Ribs and the game was on. 

    I washed the ribs, trimmed the fat and removed the membrane. I then put my personal rub on them which is pretty much what everyone uses (onion and garlic powder, paprika, salt and pepper, brown sugar) BUT instead of using mustard to rub it in a used some extra virgin olive oil which worked just as well. So I wrapped them all up and let them rest in the fridge for the night. 

    The next day I fired up the smoker and placed the ribs inside and hoped for the best. I'd check on them about once every 45mins to an hour and spray them down with some apple juice. I decided for two of the racks I was going to use the 2-2-1 method and for one rack i was just gonna leave them in there until they were done. 

    When I took the first two racks off after about two hours I placed them on a sheet of aluminum foil, poured a quarter cup of apple juice on the bottom and then sprinkled the top off with brown sugar. Wrapped them up and let them cook for another two hours.

    The final hour I took them out of the foil placed them on the racks and let them cook for another 30mins before applying my sauce. The sauce I used was just some simple store bought BBQ sauce. 

    Once I took the ribs off I didn't get a chance to let them rest because the family was hungry and wanted them right away and they were not disappointed. 

    I am looking to see if anybody has any tips or tricks that can help me make these ribs even better.....

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    Well which ones were better?
  3. Definitely the wrapped ones. The ones that I left on the smoker were good but just not as tender I think they were just a little drier. I will probably wrap from now on
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    They look good!
  5. The one at the top left of the picture didnt have the shrink in it like the other two and that was the rack I left on the entire time

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