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Discussion in 'For New Members' started by jdlones, Jan 5, 2014.

  1. I'm using my new MES30 for the first time today. I couldn't decide whether to do ribs or a butt so I did both. The butt is still in there, my ribs are out and resting. The ribs, though, look pretty good to me.
  2. jlcnuke

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    The ribs look great! :)

    One thing I'll mention (having just started smoking and also using a MES 30) is to watch how much water/juice/etc you are using in the water pan.  I'm 95% sure my pork took so much longer than anticipated because of having too much moisture inside the smoker.  I filled it halfway and everything else went well but my "stall" lasted a LOT longer than anticipated (7.5lb boston butt took over 18 hours instead of the 1.5hours/lb "estimated" cook time at 225-250F).  Next time I'm going to try and keep the pan at 1/2" or less fluid at any given time.
  3. Thanks for the tip. To be honest, I left it empty this time, just to see the ribs turned out pretty good. I'm still waiting to get through the stall on the the butt. We'll see.
  4. Here is the shoulder when it was done.
  5. jlcnuke

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    Looks tasty!
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    Good job looks great and I stopped using water in my pan altogether since I got my AMZPS and have not noticed a negative in moistness or taste.

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