First attempt with Salmon hope did not make a big mistake

Discussion in 'Fish' started by chuckerg, Sep 15, 2013.

  1. with lake Ontario in my backyard decided to try smoking salmon after not being able to get any that I liked for a long time and went straight from prep surface to sink then into the smoker now i see a lot about brining the fish and am worried did I just make a crucial safety mistake?

    I did it with skinn on placed meat side up it looks and smells great but am now nervous about serving to my family. if it helps any this was a hot smoke set around 180 to 200 degrees
  2. daveomak

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    No problem....   Cook to 140 ish IT and you are good to go...    If you see white "fat" type liquid starting to ooze from between the flakes of meat, take it off the heat.... it's done...   

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  3. hovering about 140 now looks amazing and the few small thinner pieces taste just like I remembered hope it makes it till the wife and kids get home from church. when I take it out do I want to rinse the oils off or cool and ziplock in the fridge till dinner time (if it makes it)?
  4. daveomak

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    I wouldn't rinse the oils off....  that's the flavor and the Omega 3 fatty acids..  Cool in the refer before wrapping....  if wrapping is even necessary...    
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    Without pictures, it never happened.
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    LOL, truer words have not been spoken!!  This is my first shot at smoking salmon, pics taken just now.  I'm using Alder wood chips and scrap veggies in the mop water.  Chicken quarters on the top 2 racks.  The salmon is seasoned with black pepper and cajun seasoning.  I took it from the package, rinsed and dried it, seasoned and threw it on the rack.  Been about an hour around 230 degrees.  Hope it turns out great!!!


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