First attempt with CSR's..... success

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    I picked up some CSR's the other day at the grocery store because they were too cheap to pass up.  Spent a good amount of time searching the forum  [​IMG]   only to become more confused with all the different types of CSR's out there and even more ways to cook them.  I decided to cook them like BB or spare rib since there were some bones in the cut of CSR's that I had. 

    I started by simply rubbing them down with a spare rib rub I had leftover and let them marinate in the fridge overnight.  Cooked them for 2 hours at 225.  Put them in a foil pan with some apple cider vinegar, oil, rub, and sliced up apples for close to an hour.  pulled them back out onto the grate and in the smoke for close to another hour before the IT was around 165.

    I have to say I was thoroughly impressed.  The ribs with some bone in them had just the perfect amount of tug on it, maybe a little more than people would like but still great.  The larger areas of rib pulled apart just like a pork shoulder...  it was like having the best of both worlds!  The rub held up and they were juicy enough that neither myself or she who shall be obeyed used any BBQ sauce.

    I also made some armadillo balls with chopped up jalapeno and cream cheese wrapped up in Italian sausage.  Those are delicious!  Probably don't take the cake over the ABT's I've done, but a worthy opponent in the bite size smoked appetizer arena.  I didn't get a pic, so hopefully when I pull out the leftovers I'll try and grab one to upload later.

    ** For all of those concerned about cooking CSR's like I was just do what you know and they are bound to at least turn out edible!  [​IMG]Good thing is, for the price it's not your paycheck lost if they don't turn out he best.

    Rubbed down prior to heading in the smoker.

    Getting foiled up with all the fixins.

    All finished, lucky to get a pick before we started inhaling them.

    Money shot! 


    Had to get some sort of a vegetable on the plate.  Zucchini rolled avocado and sweet potato, REALLY good.

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    They look great man.
  3. Yumdiddleyicious!!!!

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