First Attempt Pork Shots, Q-View.

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  1. Hello. I'm new here and during my intro it was suggested that I start a Q-view thread. I had some bacon, smoked sausage and a couple of hours, so I figured what the hell, I'll make some pork shots.

    I've made several bacon bombs/fatties/whatever you want to call them, but I've never made pork shots, which seems to be another popular, must have smoke.

    I used what I had on hand, which was Wright brand maple bacon and Eckrich cheddar smoked sausage. I was worried about the maple syrup in the bacon causing a bit too much carmelization, but they turned out okay.

    While the UDS was coming up to temps, I built the shots:

    Here's the UDS doing its job with some hickory smoke:

    Pardon my lawn, I've had a busy week at work and we have 7 week old twin boys at home. I mowed right after the pic was taken.

    Here's the final product:

    Two hours at 230°F. They look a bit charred and I'm thinking it was the maple, but they weren't burnt at all. The bacon was crisp without being too crunchy. They weren't bad and my wife, the smoked food hater, said she will request these again. Next time I think I'll use peppered or apple wood smoked bacon.
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    Looks good to me!
  3. those look awesome!

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