First attempt at snack sticks

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by drno, Feb 5, 2015.

  1. Been lurking for some time, so I figured I'd post my attempt at snack sticks.  I made a 5lb batch from 80% venison (sitka blacktail) and 20% pork shoulder.   I had previously run the venison through the 3/16 plate and the pork shoulder through the 3/8 plate.  I used this recipe:

    So I let the liquid / spice mixture sit for the 30 minutes it said in the recipe (why?), then I mixed it in.  Then we (my gf helped) stuffed it in the casings and let it sit overnight.  Here's a pic from right before it went into the smoker.

    Then it went in the smoker for 16 hours at 90º-110º, finishing when I got off work.  I started bumping up the temp, trying to bump the temp 10º each hour.  But I'm using a Masterbuilt Analog 30 smoker.  So the temp ranges were quite wide...





    So instead of a planned low and slow smoke it was more like 4 hours until it reached a temp of 160º.  I used the AMZN pellet cold smoker (forget which kind of wood during this phase).  Once it reach 160, I pulled them out and dunked them in an ice bath and let them sit out for about 3 hours then overnight in the fridge.  They taste pretty good (my opinions and others)!   Any thoughts or feedback would be appreciated! Thanks!

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  2. Look good to me! Meat mixture sounds right. I only use pork and beef because i don't hunt big game. Just pheasant and quail.
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    DN, nice looking sticks, you'll be making more of those. There are plenty of recipes/ideas here just use the search bar above if you haven't already.
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    This is to let the seasoning to get happy together, and time for the salts and cure to dissolve. 

    DN Them looks like great sticks and looks like there is a welcome needed to the forum!! [​IMG]

    I do mine about the same way, I pull mine when the IT gets to 152* -  just no ice bath on sticks, but I do ice bath the larger ones like summer sausage also, when mine go to the fridge, i put them in a brown paper bag, helps them from drying out as much, then after a couple days I vac pak them. 

    Looks Great!!!! 

    A full smoker is a happy smoker 

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    Hey....I'm honored you would try my/nepas recipe for the first time on stix. Glad they turned out for you. I'm now liking some pork in my sticks and SS as opposed to just beef. As the man said, there are 1,000's of recipes to have a go at under the search bar......Willie, have fun
  6. Thanks for the responses guys! What grind plate do you use for snack sticks?  I think my next project is going to be summer sausage....I've got a lot of deer meat to practice on (we get 4 a year here)...
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    Good job !
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    Looks good.... The only problem I see is you didn't make


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