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  1. I have been browsing the forums and searching the web for a few months now and finally got around to getting a smoker set up. I grabbed a shipping box from work and set it up so that the grill would sit on a shelf, thankfully the grill grate I got fits perfectly inside when rotating it.

    I purchased the AMNPS after trying my hand making a venturi style and not liking the results (just the smoke and creosote). I did not try this in a smoker due to that.

    In the AMNPS I used the oak pellets it came with and only used one row. Here are some before photos

    Just lit

    Here is the box from the front(top actually but I leaned it over for my use) and added the hinge for the lid(door)

    Here are the first of my items I smoke (sea salt and unsalted peanuts)

    All closed up

    There is plenty of gaps in the box as you can see so there was no need to add more ventilation.

    After a short time there is plenty of smoke in the box, took this the second I opened it up

    Here you can see there is enough coming out of the woodwork :)

    After about an hour I put in a stick of butter

    And here is the salt, a little color change :)

    After 3 hours and this is the final results :)

    And the AMNPS:

    With no flash and long exposure you can see all the embers still going

    The butter did not melt at all as it was cool enough here in Mass and the sun was behind the house.

    Overall I am happy with the results. All the people at work loved the oak smoke peanuts. I have not tried the salt or butter yet, my wife has tried the salt and thinks it has a heavy wood flavor, but her senses are off right now.

    I think the next wood to try will be hickory and add some cheese into the box. And when I get a full day I will be trying my hand at a Boston Butt using the apple pellets

    Thanks to all for lots of tips I have read from many posting here on this forum.

    Happy smoking
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  2. seenred

    seenred Smoking Guru Group Lead OTBS Member

    Well done Rich...a nicely improvised smoke house!

    Now we've gotta get you hot smokin' and you'll be completely hooked!

  3. I am already hooked :)

    Hot smoking is next, I don't know if you can see it or not in one of the picture, but I have a 2 burner electric stove I am planning on using to hot smoke. First thing is to see if it can maintain the temperature inside and if so I will be doing the boston butt, yummmy pulled pork. My wife loves pulled pork and that is why I started this. Had to start somewhere so I started small and easy with the cold smoke and work into hot smoking.
  4. Thank you!
  5. roller

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    You catch on quick...Nice smoker box...
  6. kathrynn

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    That is so cool!  Great Job!  


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