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Discussion in 'Pork' started by wheat state smoke, Apr 5, 2010.

  1. This represents my first real attempt at smoking meat; a few years ago my very supportive wife bought me a cast-off smoker at a garage sale, but even using a leaf blower wouldn't get the temps up on that one [​IMG]

    Some really nasty weather that rolled in just before I was going to light my chimney, the power went off for a bit and the church down the road lost it's roof! I thought about giving up for the day, but the draw of smoking my first ribs and a fattie were too much to resist.

    Here are the ribs, rubbed down with French's Yellow Mustard and Rib Stars Rib Rub:

    The smoker was all set to go with a water pan that I pulled after the first couple of hours since I was having trouble getting temps with all the humidity anyway. I also pulled the elbow I'd placed on the smokestack, and the fire started drawing better. With the elbow, I was indicating the same temp on the lid guage and the internal grate level gauge too.

    And here is the result after 6 hrs using the 3-2-1 method along with a spray of apple juice anytime the lid was opened (which wasn't often).

    I also smoked a fattie that turned out technically well, but too spicy for our guest and myself. The only sausage I could find at the time was Johnsonville Italian, and it overpowered the smoke and sauce flavor. I did give me a reason to play with my digital remove thermometer, which worked awesome.

    I cut two spares for my neighbor who has served as a KCBS Judge for several years, and asked him to grade them totally honestly. Don't be nice just because I'm your neighbor! He rated them highly and only suggested next time I use a little more rub. We nailed the texture and moisture! The smoke ring was excellent, even though it's not judged too.

    If anything, my first results are a testament to what a great resource this site is! Learning curve? What learning curve? [​IMG]
  2. rbranstner

    rbranstner Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Great job on your first Q!!! Keep up the good work!
  3. fire it up

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    Congrats, looks like a great smoke!
    Not sure around your area but most of the grocery stores around here have sausage in the meat department but carry chubs of Jimmy Dean and Bob Evans sausage where they have hot dogs, bacon, eggs and such.
    You could try checking there for a chub for your next fatty, should have a wider selection so you don't have to go so hot.
  4. mballi3011

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    Congrats on your first smoke and it looks like it came out pretty good. But you will learn more and more so just think you will be getting even better real soon. So just keep on checking in and readding the thread and you to will be a smoking Guru in no time.
  5. realtorterry

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    Those look awesome for a first timer. Nice smoker too. Never tried that rib star? How do you like it?
  6. northern greenhorn

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    That's a fine job on your first smoke, looks great [​IMG]
  7. caveman

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    Good looking ribs. The fatties look good too. Hopefully you will get them the way you like them next time. Keep on smoking!!!
  8. dforbes

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    nice job, great looking ribs
  9. I thought the Rib Stars rub was excellent. The comparision I made was between local BBQ joints, and my own first efforts, since I don't have any experience using other rubs. The guy who created it is a past Grand Champion at the American Royal FWIW.

    I can say this much, the kitchen smelled excellent as I let the ribs warm a bit after putting on the mustard and rub. Our little Boston Terrier, Rudy somehow managed to get a hold of a corner of one slab as I was out tending the fire.

    Who can blame him? [​IMG]
  10. boiseque

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    Nice job on the first smoke, your hooked now and with better weather it will only get better! If you can overcome those kind of adverse conditions to smoke then you are well on your way to being zen and the art of smoking! Nice job and qview, keep up the good work![​IMG]
  11. tjohnson

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    Points for an Awesome Smoke!!! [​IMG]

    Is this the "Garage Sale Smoker"?

    Maybe some of the guys can give you some ideas on how to get your smoker to draft better? Possibly post in the Charcoal or Wood Smokers section for help.

  12. jak757

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    Awesome first smoke. The fattie looks great...keep plugging away. Nice job not letting the weather stop you!!!


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