First attempt at chicken thighs

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by ferggie, Feb 1, 2016.

  1. I used Jeff's Buttermilk Brine recipe and his rub for my first attempt at chicken thighs in my MES30. I made 2 different versions all of which I did use the same brine as well as the same amount of rub spread on the inside of the thighs.

    I stuffed half with Cream Cheese and Pickled Italian Jalapenos (I pickled them with onion, garlic, thyme and oregano) and the other half with Cream Cheese and a mixture of Shallots and Portabello mushrooms lightly sauteed and cooled.

    Had issues with the temperature control on the MES. I know it runs 15 - 20 degs cooler then programed so I set the temp at 270 deg. The MES ended up reading 270 while the actual temp from my probe would get no higher then 201 deg. I did check my probe after I pulled the thighs and it read 212 deg. when submerged in boiling water which is correct for my altitude.

    I pulled the thighs and finished them in the oven to reach 165 deg internal.

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    That's funny cuz I made the exact same thing yesterday in my MES! They turned out amazing! I stuffed mine with finely chopped fresh jalepeno peppers and pepperjack cheese. 250 degrees till a finished IT of 165. Used apple pellets in AMNS 8x5.
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  3. I used a combo of apple & cherry. Besides the temp issue they turned out great as well.
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    Looks  great! Apple and cherry is a good combination. I'm going through a bag of cherry chunks now and the stuff is stronger than I expected.

    BTW those chunks are sold as patio fireplace wood. I buy apple, hickory and mesquite in those plastic bags you see in the groceries (chunks about the size of a baby's fist), but only once have I seen cherry, and I regretted not buying it. Then I found the chunks in a lawn and garden section of a DIY store. They're big so I need to split them.
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    Those thighs look delicious!

    Great job!

  6. Thanks, they taste as good as they look. I must say I enjoy the version that I used the pickled Italian Jalapenos in over the mushrooms.
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    Excellent smoke Ferggie! I gotta try that, but I don't ever seem to get caught up on my list. We need longer weeks!

    Oh and BTW, I was born in Greensboro. You ever get a chance try a BBQ joint in Reidsville, called Short Sugars! I can honestly say, I have been eating and using their BBQ sauce for 60+ years. Fresh hot buttered buttered bun, a mound of pulled pork, SS BBQ sauce and a couple a pickles. I really expect those to be served in heaven.

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  8. I have not but it sounds like I had better plan on a trip there. Sounds like a great excuse for a motorcycle ride for lunch.
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    PS, they sell their BBQ sauce, I get it shipped. Try it but know, it will go fast...LOL
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    That is some good looking thighs. Yesterday must have been thigh day. I made Jeff's thighs also. They were good for lunch today too.

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