First 2012 Ribs: St. Louis Style

Discussion in 'Pork' started by ravanelli, Apr 30, 2012.

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    It's been a while since I smoked ribs, and it was great weather for it yesterday so I got out the Horizon 16" and picked up some spare ribs.  Only when I unpacked them I realized they had been trimmed as St Louis style.  No problem, I cooked the rib tips separately and decided to make my first St. Louis ribs.

    Two nice, meaty racks from the Original Steer Market here in Portland. 


    I made up a fresh batch of Jeff's famous rubs and coated both sides:


    Now, it's been a cold, wet winter here but I had buttoned down my smoker in the garage and it wintered pretty well. Here's the link to my detailed review of the Horizon 16":


    Going with Royal Oak brand.  I had just enough cherry chunks left for today.


    Got the fire up and going, notice the steady thin blue smoke:


    Now, I ended up doing these 3 hours on the grill, 1.5 hours in foil, and then about an extra hour with a little sauce basting just to finish them off.  Went with Jeff's classic sauce.  Here they are resting:


    Our guests made some fresh bread and coleslaw, and I made some of my pork brisket beans.  Basically they're baked beans with some chopped up smoked pork brisket I had in the freezer, recipe here:


    Couple of close-up looks at the ribs. The bark was nice and caramelized.  


    I think this is an end piece, pretty meaty for spares, but who's complaining?


    Overall I was pleased with the outcome having not done this cut before.  That wraps it up, thanks for stopping by!
  2. Those ribs look extra yummy.. You nailed it.. Thanks for the pics..

  3. jp61

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    [​IMG]  Nice Job! They look great!
  4. rdknb

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    They look perfect to me.  Well done
  5. harleysmoker

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    Nice job!
  6. so ms smoker

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      Thanks for the nice Bear View!  I gotta get some ribs!

  7. tyotrain

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    nice looking Ribs.. great job [​IMG]
  8. Nice ribs. Great job. I am always glad to see another member from Portland. Have joined the Oregon Group yet? 
  9. rstr hunter

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    Great Job!
  10. jrod62

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    Looks great Thumbs Up
  11. Great looking ribs! Outstanding job!
  12. terry colwell

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    Ravanelli, How do you like your cooker? is that a Oklahoma Joe? I just seen one of those at Lowes, for around $449.00 . How well does it seal up ?
  13. Outstanding[​IMG]
  14. thoseguys26

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    What's Jeff's classic sauce? Is there a link to a post? I couldn't find it. Thanks!
  15. salbaje gato

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  16. Well done! 
  17. nice looking smoker! :grilling_smilie:

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