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Discussion in 'Pork' started by whiskeyfoot, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. whiskeyfoot

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    These guys are kind of expensive around here right now, so I only bought a small slab of baby backs (fat though!).  This is my first try at a 2-2-1 on ribs, so I'm excited to see how they turn out!  Lately my ribs (just thrown on the smoker and no foil etc) haven't really been all that great, so I hope this does the trick!

    Also taking pictures with a free vintage camera ap I got for the droid.  Makes me feel like I'm back in the 80's! Lol


    All that being said, any suggestions on the size of this thing in relation to tweaking my 2-2-1 times?  It's only like 1.7 lbs.  Also, has anyone ever finished them on the grill to speed things up (say if my times run longer than I want).  I am hoping to enjoy these with some hockey tonight, only about 4 hours away!  Thanks everyone!
  2. heyer5

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    I've never finished my ribs on the grill, but plenty here have.  2-2-1 will be perfect even with a small slab!  Make sure to toss some beer/apple juice/liquid of some sort in with the foiling!  They'll be superb!
  3. whiskeyfoot

    whiskeyfoot Fire Starter

    Oh great call, I totally forgot about the apple juice and was wondering how beer would be as a substitute.  THanks! [​IMG]
  4. I've done spares and put them on the grill during the last 30 min or so of the 3-2-1 with some bbq sauce when I've run short on time. Just keep an eye on them so they don't dry out.
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  5. fife

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    Should turn out just fine. Let us know
  6. whiskeyfoot

    whiskeyfoot Fire Starter

    Looking good so far!  Just pulled em at two hour mark.


    Slathered it with a Yuengling Black & Tan, wrapped em up back in the smoker!
  7. mr500

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    Hey whiskey...Where bouts in O-Town are you?

    Im in Winter Springs...Red Bug Road Area

  8. whiskeyfoot

    whiskeyfoot Fire Starter

    Hey whats up, yeah I'm down by OIA pretty much.  You ever eat at 4 Rivers??

    So the ribs turned out great, not perfect, but I'm definitely starting to dial in the process.  I think that even though the cut was small, they were thick and still needed the full 2-2-1 process to get to that 'fall off the bone' state that I'm trying to achieve.  I shortened the second and third step a bit.  I know some people don't like em falling off the bone (in this case you'd have loved how these turned out then!), but I like em either way, and somedays I want that meat just dripping off leaving a clean bone when it's all said and done.



    They were perfectly moist and a lot of the meat was reaching that separation point, but not near the bone.

    Oh I forgot to mention, I used just some fresh ground salt and pepper before smoking with straight hickory, and used Everglades Moppin Sauce at the end, it's an excellent combo for anyone looking for something different.

    Thanks for the tips and I'll definitely show the next round when the time comes!
  9. mr500

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    I have eaten food from there that people at work have brought in. But never been in the place. I did have 2 people here who ate my PP last week commented that it was as good as the stuff they had bought from 4 rivers. I dunnot either way rele.

    A guy here brought in some ribs he bought there from the previous night. I wasnt crazee about them. Just a lil too bland and wayyyy too smokie for me.

  10. chef jimmyj

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    Your ribs look good but you will discover that the middle " 2 Hours " is Critical for Fall off the Bone. The longer in Foil the more breakdown of connective tissue and the more tender they will be. You can even go 2.5 Hours and gain a little time at the end with just a quick run across the Grill or under the Broiler to Crisp up the Bark. Black & Tan is a favorite around here, If you like your ribs slightly on the Sweet side, my Foiling Juice is popular. You can substitute the B & T for apple juice. I reduce down what ever comes out of the foil and use it to Lacquer up the ribs during the last step, add a splash of Vinegar or a Tbs of Mustard if it is too sweet for you. Most of my family does not even add additional sauce...JJ
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  11. whiskeyfoot

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    Cool, I will definitely give the recipe a try!  The black and tan worked out pretty well, definitely imparted a bit of the dark-roasted malt flavor to the ribs.  I'm just so glad that they were better than what I've done before.  Moving in the right direction for sure!

    mr500, all I've ever had from there was the brisket, and being that I haven't had any from anywhere else I thought it was to die for.  They have burnt ends and everything (I think brisket is what they're known for? I dunno).  I'll have to try some of their other things to see how they do.  They also have ABT's, which I'd never seen at a restaurant before hahaa!
  12. jrod62

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    Ribs looks good

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