Fired up my new smoker and I am a bit peeved (Char-Broil 1280)

Discussion in 'Wood Smokers' started by sarge912, Jun 24, 2016.

  1. I built my first fire in the smoker box and after about 10 minutes, all of the paint on the bottom 25% has already pealed off and left bare metal. I used the grate, and did not put coals directly on the bottom, under the grate (hot ash fell down, of course.)

    I did not line the bottom with foil but will from now on.

    I did experiment with a few easy cuts, like fresh Italian sausage and some ground sirloin. The sausage was amazing. The burger was okay but nothing to write home about. I am using hickory right now.
  2. joe black

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    May not have had the proper paint on the FB. Scrape the bottom, sand it and wipe with lacquer thinner (in case there is some oil or other substance left from manufracturing that may have kept the original paint from adhering properly). Then put on at least 2 coats of Rustoeum 1200* paint. As you use this smoker, you will probably be doing this every year, if you leave it exposed to the elements.

    Good luck, Joe.
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  3. lemans

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    Here is the story... Unless you paid over $1000 for your smoker. The paint on the firebox is going to burn off. It's a fact of life! Yes you can scrape it and repainted it .. But it's going to peel and burn.. So take some cooking spary and when you are done smoking
    Spray the FB. After a while it will take on a brown patina. It's fine don't get hung up on the look of your pit. Just how good it cooks...smoking is a dirty business !!!
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  4. bdskelly

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    Lemans is spot on.

    Admire those spots of rust and corrosion. They show your dedication to feeding family and friends!  Think of it as your own personalization just as a proud Harley owner or Rat Rod builder would admire. It means that you are living with your smoker. Revel in the scars. B
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  5. ammaturesmoker

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    COS requires a repaint every year.
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  6. bauchjw

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    My offset was just scraped and painted this spring after 10 years. I was rubbing crisco on exposed metal after each cook before the facelift!
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  7. ^^^^^^^ Absolutely,i have different friends with metal smokers and this is what they do also....smoking is a dirty buisness as stated!!!dont sweat tthe small stuff bud and good luck to u :)
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  8. joe black

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    Brian and Lemans, I'm sorry guys, I thought Sarge wanted it looking new like the rest of his smoker. Y'all make sense, I guess that FB now has "character". You have just created a conundrum for me the next time mine needs painting.

    I know, why don't we just put a couple of coats of flat brown from the beginning and that way, we won't know when it's rusty. LOL. :yahoo:
  9. ammaturesmoker

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    Not sure it this really matters's going to need to be pressure washed and repainted every year anyway. I mean unless this thing was bought for smoking veggies, it is goin to get oily, greasy, and sun faded as it is. a little paint flake is nothing. But this is what happens with sheet metal as a barbecue. I have a smoking pit Brinkmann that was bought in 2006. I paint it every year. Now what I noticed the other day with this years model at the store and it about 35 pounds lighter. That means they went even cheaper on the materials.metal being this this will expand a ton on the firebox.
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