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  1. Hi everyone. I am getting ready to use my new smoker this Friday night and wanted to get some ideas on what to do in my firebox. The guy I bought it from didn't give me what he used for a rack in it, so it's just an empty box. I went to Menards to see if I could get a few high temperature bricks (2-3 of them) that I could sit inside and put a grate on top of so I have good air flow. They didn't have anything, said all they had were concrete that would disintegrate under that much heat. Right now, I have the charcoal ring from my WSM 22.5" smoker in there with the charcoal grate sitting on top of it, but I really don't want to have to use this. Can some of you more experienced stick-burners chime in and maybe throw in a pic of how your firebox is set up so that you get good airflow? 

    Another question. Do you ever have any issues with ash making it's way through the reverse flow systems and ending up on the meat? Any pointers to stopping this from happening? I haven't experienced it yet, as I haven't cooked on it, but it just seems logical that it would happen with good airflow.

    Here are a couple pics of my firebox:


    I used a chimney full of lit in the bottom to light the wood.


  2. Hey Mark, Good looking cooker. In my fire box I cut the grate to fit the inside of the fire box then used 2 pieces of 2" x 2" angle cut the length of the grate and welded to the bottom of the grate. It works great, plenty of air flow.

    Never have had a problem with ash on the food.

    Good Luck with the new smoker.
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    I'm surprized the Knothead should have know.

    Go to Menard's and get a fireplace wood rack that will fit and you're good to go...[​IMG].

    Sorry I'm late with the comeback , but We have Mini-Dramas here a lot...

    Have fun and...
  4. Here is what I ended up doing. I went all over town to about 10 different stores and finally someone at Menard's found a grate way up high on a shelf for me. I then cut a piece of expanded metal to lay on top of it. Wish my expanded metal had a little bit smaller holes in it so half of the charcoal didn't fall through, but it'll work.

    I have used the smoker a few times now and it is turning out some great BBQ!!


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