Firebox to CC opening not quite all the way to the top?

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by rikun, Apr 29, 2014.

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    I almost started tacking up my firebox when I realized something. I haven't cut my FB to CC opening all the way up. I did it with cnc plasma beforehand, so there's a rim of around 2/3" on top.

    Here's a Sketchup model how I cut it:

    Will this be a problem? I know some hor air could get trapped in there, but surely less than an inch wouldn't matter right?

    My design is similar to Ribwizzard's, main intake is on the bottom of FB and there's also a second higher intake on the door.

    I can still cut it all the way up before welding, however I'm concerned about the strength of the box if I cut it beforehand.

    Cutting it afterwards would be hard, since I don't own plasma.
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    Your firebox will be more than strong enough after you extend the cutout to the top.

    The firebox does not carry much load unless you are using it to support the rest of the smoker in some fashion.

    After you weld it to the cook chamber, it is then fully supported and strong enough for anything you could throw at it.
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    How does the area of the opening compare with calculated? That 2/3 of an inch represents a good sized area given it is on widest part of the opening.
    I tend to agree with Smoke Jumper. I just cut it out and slapped the top on.

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  5. rikun

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    It's pretty much 100% with calculated right now, it'll be about 114% of calculated if I cut it all the way to the top.

    Also, I usually run my pit hot and fast at around 300-350F, so maybe a bit oversized opening would be even a good thing?
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