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  1.  Another quick build question, I didn't really find what I was looking for thru the search bar so I will just ask, are there pros or cons to the shape of the fire box? round vs square     ive noticed them both ways and just wondered if one is better than the other? I can get  my hands on plate steel much easier than large pipe for an offset firebox but if one happens to be better than the other I would rather build the better way rather than the cheaper way
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    CC , you're gonna get different answers , I tend to like the Flat bottom , gives me more room to work the fire... but I have 2 round FB smokers that work fine , too.

    I keep 'ash removal' plates (light weight metal , and formed to the curve of the round ones , and a flat one for the Square one) . These help in keeping the FB from burning out AND removes the ash keep it from getting wet and causing an acid which

    eats on the metal . ( just my little hint for the day).[​IMG]

    Have fun and . . .
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    Hello all, Bigg Boy from NYC, here. I am in the process of building my very own smoker. I'm new to the smoker unit but not new to the cooking aspect of cooking. I have a 150 gallon steel round tank that is 30" x 40" and a 4 x 8 trailer that will house the smoker. I need to know what size firebox I and gonna need in feet or inches, I don't want to sound dumb. But I don't get all that cubic inches stuff. So on that note I am asking for someone to just tell me the best size to go with. And also I want to use as a charcoal grill too. Was thinking of making a charcoal rack to fit over the smoker chamber when I want to grill with charcoal for smaller groups. So please help me out. Thanks in advance......
  4. I think 1/3 the size of your cooking chamber will work, if anything go bigger than 1/3, look at some pics on Google and you get a good idea. Good luck, I'm building one myself. N
  5. I grew up with wood cook stoves in the kitchen the fire box shape wasn't as important as the grate under the fire to allow us to shake the ashes down and better control the draft.
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    Morning CC.
    I've been cooking on smokers with my grandfather since I was a little...31 now. We've used both round and square. Square is convenient, let's you use the top for different things. Oven, hot plate, set stuff on, etc...
    In my current build my FB is round only because it was cheaper. But with added metal I can use this as an oven too.

    Happy building CC.
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    BB, morning.... start a new thread to keep your stuff separate from others...... Mention the style of smoker you want to build.....
    Click on the link bellows to find what you want to build....

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