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Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by kanadan, Mar 5, 2010.

  1. hey guys im getting my steel cut for my 250 gallon reverse flow today, and now im second guessing myself with the fire box is 24x24 big enough for it. I was never able to figure out the calculator thats on here
  2. i'm going to be making mine 30"Lx16"Wx16"H when i finaly buy the 1/2" plate
  3. According to the pit calc. for a 250 gal. tank a 26 X 28 X 28 firebox would be close to ideal.
  4. I agree, should be plenty big enough. I'm making mine 28 x 24 x 24 for my 250 gal.
  5. bbally

    bbally OTBS Member

    Does not really matter as much as what its draft is... how many inches of draft are you putting on the firebox?

    24 X 24 X 30 will more the hold enough fuel. But the real deal is what air can you feed the fuel and how hard can you cut the air and maintain a balance with the damper?

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