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  1. I have a masonry offset smoker and I am installing a new steel firebox door. The angle iron frame and the steel plate door are both of 3/16" thick steel plate. The door measures about 20" tall by 14"wide. It will be hinged on one side. The door with have a few holes in it for damper air inlets. Below is a picture of the firebox opening:

    Is a 3/16" thick steel plate door thick enough so that it isn't going to warp when I fire this thing up? Do I need to add some sort of reinforcing frame around the edge of the door?

    Thanks for any knowledgeable input.   [​IMG]

    Terry Farrell

    Tampa Bay, Florida
  2. oldschoolbbq

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    You ,  should be fine, your not going to melt iron in it...

    Here's my Smoker and it's the same thickness as yours :

    No warp for 8 yrs.

    You're good to go...

    Have fun and . . .

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