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  1. I had seen somewhere on here a link to a page or something where you could put in the size of your tank and it would tell you how big a firebox, air damper size, and other stuff but cant find it now can anyone help me find it?
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  3. My group wants to build a BWS whole hog clone. I'm concerned about the flow of heat into the cooking chamber. If you use the dimensions from that site is it safe to assume that enough heat will be generated up the sides to heat such a large area?
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    I have what I think you're looking for but it's in an Excel file and not sure how to post it. but would be happy to share it
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  6. Thanks for the info. What are your thoughts on round verses square fire boxes? I have found a couple of old smaller round propane tanks that went on a truck that are around 18-24 inches in diameter. Really cheap and to buy the steel to build the square would cost a lot more but I wouldn't mind if the square is a lot better. I know if I buy the steel I will probably get 1/4" not sure how thick the tanks are I'm guessing they would be close maybe 1/8 to 3/16's . I live in Mississippi so we don't get that cold even in the winter time so heat loss prob wont be a huge problem . Thoughts??
  7. no one have any thoughts on my previous firebox question.........
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    heat loss is all I see, but if that is not a problem to ya.  My guess it would fine, if it is big enough for the vol. needed.
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    Volume of the firebox is important, not the shape. Sunman has you covered otherwise.

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