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    Been hankering for another one of those Smoked Prime Ribs! Bear's got me hooked on them after I did that first one. But I smoked a bunch of briskets with the last one, so had to work my frozen brisket stash down. I use that stuff for all kinds of stuff; bfast tacos, lunch, bfast tacos, fishing tacos, did I mention bfast tacos... Casseroles, sandwiches, hash, etc...

    Down to the last pack so I fired the old beater truck up and headed to HEB! I like it when that young butcher guy's working, he's real handy with a blade! Told him I needed another of them Prime Ribs for the smoker and asked me about the last one. Told him and he said he'd been thinking about it since I got the last one, so he tossed me a pad & I scribbled down the recipe for him. He headed back to the cooler and I headed out to see what else I could find to take up space!

    Found these Beef Short Ribs. I usually drive down to Manchaca to Johnny Gs for Dino beef ribs but didn't feel like it. These shorts looked awesome. So, in the bag! They got some garlic pepper seasoning that's been taking up space in the cabinet!

    Went back to the counter and sho nuff, butcher guy hooked me up!  All I told him was boneless and about 5lbs. It was almost dead on! PR got rolled around in some Worcestershire sauce and sat in it for about 20 minutes. I just couldn't find any thick and it turned out just fine last time like this. Then it got the Bear Lightly season with the usuals + some rosemary I threw in the coffee bean grinder to release flavor some more. don't grind my own beans anymore, so I use it for spices!  

    And.... this is Texas so it's sacrireligious and almost a violation of the State Constitution to run a smoker without some Briskets! So I grabbed 2 around 12 lbs. They got all S&P'd up, wrapped and in the cooler with everything else for a little Siesta!!

    I'll fire the smoke box up sometime after midnight and get the briskets going. That PR and Shorts will go on sometime tomorrow afternoon!
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