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Discussion in 'Side Fire Box' started by spaceman74, Feb 25, 2014.

  1. my char griller SFB top door leaks a lot. Could I use foil to seal up the air leak? Could I also turn over my ash try on my grill to use it as a baffle? Thanks for any suggestions I am new to smoking but I already love it.
  2. stank56

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    Yes foil will work, most use either red permatex or gasket material to seal it. That's one thing that I need to do to mine this year. As for the ash pan I just leave it and raise it or lower it according to the heat. Keep smokin'!
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  3. bigwheel

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    Leaks don't hurt anything in my view. There is still plenty of smoke leftover. I would not stress over trying to plug it up. Most pits need all the air to the fire that they can get.
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  4. stank56

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    I should have said depending upon the heat in the SFB as for the baffle. I have used mine hard for the last ten years without sealing and am only thinking about it now because I'm retired and bored. LOL
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  5. thanks makes me feel better. 
  6. thanks makes me feel better. 
  7. dish

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    Hey spaceman74.  Does your grill lid have gaps in it when it's closed?  I would think it be hard to keep the heat regulated.  I've heard of people rolling tin foil and hooking it along the edges so a seal is created when the lid is closed.  I'm new at this also so its just an idea.  Also with the gaps in the SFB door I think you would just go through some more fuel.
  8. thanks. The door will not close all the way. thanks for the tip
  9. I found the problem. There is a welding line on the top that is big and not allowing the door to close all the way. should I grind it down? 
  10. stank56

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    I think that I would, I got lucky with mine I guess. Only a small puff of smoke at times nothing major.
  11. daveomak

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    Grind down anything that affects the doors from closing.... Air leaks in your smoker screw up air flow and heat control... Once you get it sealed up air tight, you will find you use less wood/charcoal and have better control of the heat for smoking...... And that includes the Firebox being sealed...

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  12. what about a door latch?

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