fire basket dimensions for a Oklahoma Joe Longhorn

Discussion in 'Side Fire Box' started by wolfhunter73, Jul 23, 2014.

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    Dear Smokers,

       I am new this forum, so excuse me if I am presenting an old topic (but I did do a quick search for my topic).  But I just got a Oklahoma Joe Longhorn, and I am trying to fix this "fighting the temperature" fight (did a seasoning and at the same time tried to maintain at 250 temp, but it spiked that went down to about 200 within 2 hours).After the seasoning  I've installed gasket rope, I have a convection plate on order, I 've sealed the airspace between the  two piece firebox.  My next step of to make/buy a fire basket for said smoker.  I would like to have one at the right side to accommodate wood mini logs plus a lump coal starter pile, if not split logs.  Does anyone here have a fire basket (Oklahoma Joe Longhorn Model) with those dimensions?


    Thanks for reading.

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    L13 X W12 X 10H
  3. Hello Wolfhunter73 I have a okie to and have made mod's to help control  my temps. check out some of picture's.

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