Finishing up my smoker build. Need wheels!!

Discussion in 'Smoker Builds' started by prestonk08, Feb 2, 2016.

  1. prestonk08

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    So, I've put my smoker together used it a couple of times and it works great! I have a couple more thing to do to her and she is complete. I'm having a real hard time choosing wheels for this thing. I would like to keep it more of a patio style smoker but at 700 lbs I'm not sure casters are the answer. Any suggestions from you builder guys on what to do?
  3. prestonk08

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    Thanks for the input Gary. I'm not going to be moving mine much a couple of times a year so I really don't want to do a trailer but if I need to load it onto a trailer and take it somewhere do you think the steel wheels will roll well enough for a 700+ pound rig?
  4. prestonk08

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    Nice power trowel in the background by the way! 👍
  5. I'm thinking if you do have to move it a few times a year and on to a trailer You may want different wheels, Mine was built at #2 son's house loaded on a trailer unloaded in my driveway and rolled around to the patio. These wheels work as good as the way they are attached.

    Here is one more pic of a vertical, insulated RF we built and put the same type wheels, this thing was Heavy 

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    Try service casters they will have what u need.
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    must take into consideration.. will it be rolled on concrete only ? or across grass/dirt terrain ??
  9. prestonk08

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    Good question, it will probably be a little of both although Rollin on grass won't be for long if I can help it. Problem is finding the right fit for the look of my grill and still have it functional. That's my problem. Keep em coming!
  10. prestonk08

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    Do you guys think a 3 inch wide by 10" diameter steel wheels would be enough to move it around 6 or 7 times a year on and off a trailer? I like the look I think it fits my Pinterest pit pretty well.
  11. prestonk08

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  12. Gary, I would love some info on this bad boy, rf vertical? Please enlighten me.
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