Finishing questions from a first timer on pork spare ribs. 3-2-1 method

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  1. Around 2:40, the 2 hour foiling period will be done. We're not eating until about 7pm. Can/should I put the ribs (still wrapped in foil) in the fridge until an hour before dinner and then finish them up just in time for dinner? If not, what should I do instead?

    For the finish - I presume I put a meat thermometer in and bring them up to temp. What temp am I going for? What temp should the smoker be at? After they're up to temp, do they get wrapped in foil and rest for 10-20 minutes like most meats? Or eat immediately?

    Thanks so much for your help. 


    Spare ribs dry rubbed overnight

    CG Side firebox smoker

    Smoked with applechips at 225 for 3 hours

    In foil now with 2 TB applejuice - will go for 2 hours at 225

    Not using any "mop" or "sauce" (DH hates sauced bbq)

    Want "Fall of the bone" tender
  2. With the 3-2-1 schedule, that's putting you done the last hour at 5:40. I'd pull them out and wrap them in foil again and a towel and put them in a cooler. They will stay plenty warm until a 7pm dining time.
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    I wouldn't put them in the fridge. I'd wrap well in foil & leave them wrapped on the coolest spot on the smoker. then wrap in an old large bath towel and put into a cooler to hold until dinner. 3-2-1 is just a guideline, not carved in stone. When you take the towel off, or check on them before getting ready to serve, if they feel to cool to eat I'd leave them wrapped & put on a cookie sheet in a medium oven to just warm up enough to serve. If possible, serve warm sauce on the side for dipping and that will help as well. 
  4. Sorry if I was unclear. I just took them out at 2:40 from the "2" foiled section. It's not quite 3pm. We're not eating for at least 3 1/2 hours. What should I do with them? 
  5. Will this keep them at a safe temperature for food safety for the next several hours?  
  6. oldschoolbbq

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    YES [​IMG]
  7. Pictures !!!   we need pictures.

  8. chef willie

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    yes, you'll be fine. they are cooked, good for at least 5 days in the fridge before needing to be eaten. No worse than eating pizza left out overnight...we've all done that....just sayin'
  9. Sorry - they all got eaten up. OMG - the bones just fell out. And the flavor. OMG. It was perfect. I need more ribs!

    Thank you all for your help!
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  10. There you go, you needed a reason to fire up the smoker again   Out of Ribs  OMG

  11. Gotta buy more ribs first... ;-) 

    Thanks for all your help everyone!

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