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Discussion in 'Beef' started by 00nothing, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. 00nothing

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    Hey guys I am a newbie smoker and havnt gone much past chicken leg quarters and sausages. I bought a 6 lb brisket today and was hoping to give it a smoke tomorrow but the weather looks like it is goin to be less than co-operative as well its my only day off and honestly not a lot of time for sitting with the smoker. Also TBH my smoker doesnt seem to hold a temp very well have plans to do a fireplace seal around the door and build a wind box for it.

    That being said I really want to get some smoke into it and was thinking I could do a quick 2-3 hr smoke and then finish it in the oven bringing it up to 190 in a 250 deg oven and then resting it till the kids get home from school for dinner.

    I have mesquite wood chips is this a favorable smoke for brisket ? and can anyone reccomend a good simple rub for brisket I have done roast on the BBQ before cooked low using cinnamon garlic and black pepper blew me away what cinnamon will do to beef any other spices or alternatives i should consider ?

    Once I go to the oven should I add a sauce or stock to help the brisket stay moist ? And whats everyones favorite side and way to serve brisket.

    Thanks in advance for any help
  2. 00nothing

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    No love at all i knew i shouldnt have put oven in the title lol

    just thought of something if I go 250 in the oven am i still going to be looking at a 12hr cook time or will being in a more consistent oven reduce it some and would it be wise when i got to the oven to get the brisket off the pan by placing it on one of my jerky racks and putting a pan below it with some sort of liquid
  3. pineywoods

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    That would work not sure how much smoke your gonna get in that short amount of time. I often smoke till I foil then use the oven but not that short a time in the smoker. I would say give it as long as you can in the smoke then foil with some liquid like like a splash of apple juice and put it into a 250 degree oven. Not the preferred way but I guess better than no smoke at all. Personally I like cherry or hickory with beef but that short a smoke the mesquite may be good too. As far as rubs there are many to select from. Sides for me would be twice smoked taters and Dutch's wicked baked beans
  4. shooterrick

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    I usually foil my brisket after about 4 hrs or internal around 150 degrees. I to have finished in the oven when wood short or just cause and it is fine. Lots of good rubs out there so just try what looks interesting to you.
  5. ohm

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    Not the ideal but does not sound bad... Do what you have to and I am sure it will turn out ok. Give us some pic's and lets see how it was done that always helps.
  6. 00nothing

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    Is the timing the same in the oven or can I expect a reduced cook time ?

    Rub is on and brisket is in the fridge mellowing and absorbing, lots of pics along the way and when its all done I will be sure to start a my first brisket thread
  7. pineywoods

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    Being in foil and not opening the oven door will make it go faster I'm just not sure how much faster
  8. smoke freak

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    When I do brisket I like to smoke to 160-170. I use hickory w/mesquite. Beef is a big flavor and it can take big flavors. Both rub and smoke. When it reaches temp then I foil it and put it into the oven at 210 or so. But im leavin it in overnight while I sleep so I want it to go real slow. Figure what works for you and do it. Enjoy.
  9. pignit

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    My theory is a little smoke is better than no smoke at all. I'd leave it on the smoker as long as you can and then slam it to the oven until it's done. I'm sure it will be good eatin. I use my pork rub on my brisket. Sometimes a man just has to do what a man has to do.

    Let us know how it turns out!
  10. cman95

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    All good advise from post above. Just remember mesquite is a strong taste and a little dab will do ya. Good luck!!
  11. alblancher

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    First I want to say that I do not rank my brisket abilities with the previous posters but never the less this is what I do.

    For a rub I clean out the spice rack. Chile powder, onion powder, garlic powder, Italian herb seasoning, salt, a bit of brown sugar, cayenne pepper. Let sit overnight in fridge. Place a drip pan under the brisket when it goes on the smoker and mop with a mixture of apple juice and soy sauce. I have a small Oklahoma Joe smoker so I have to watch the heat pretty close, I use real wood charcoal and oak or pecan. Whenever I adjust the heat I baste the brisket. On a large brisket I usually go at least 8 hrs on the smoker. When I run out of time or the brisket gets to about 170 I'll remove it from the smoker, place it in the drip pan, cover with foil and place in a slow oven. Mop throughout the oven time. When it reaches internal 180 or so I turn the oven off and let sit with the oven door closed. The internal temp will continue to rise.

    I drain the drip pan (saving the drippings) and let sit covered on the counter an hour or so. Let the fat rise on the drippings then remove as much fat as possible. If you can, place the drippings in the refrigerator and the fat will come off a lot easier.

    Never tried cinnamon on a brisket but funny thing when I was doing last weekend's brisket I seriously thought about a good dash of cinnamon in the rub. I will try it next time.


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