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    About the middle of June, I had one bin full of composted grass and leaves and the semi-finished compost in two bins on either side. The material in the foreground is wood chip mulch that is going in the first bin on the left. This material along with two loads of composted HM and composted leaves went in to my new SFG boxes.

    The second bin from the right, is annuals, canna lilies, dahlias, potted plants and of coarse HM.

    This is my third load of HM and it is fresh, right out of the horse’s dupa. It will be used for my fall composting. The third bin back, contains the early crops from the garden and the pile of debris in front of the bins is essentially my garden.

    I shred everything that goes into the compost bin. This debris along with about ½ yd of HM filled the first bin.

    After about three weeks, the three bins had reduced in volume to where I could put the contents of the three bins into two bins. The debris in the foreground is some fall leaves, grass clippings, more cannas, hanging baskets and mums.

    At the time of this photo, it was 45 deg and you could see some vapor coming from the piles after composting for three weeks.

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    Very nice. I am using mainly chicken poo, excess from the garden and oak leaves. I have to battle high alkalinity where I live.
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    Hey guys

    I live on 10 acres of bush land.  Not counting the house and garage, I have about 1 acre of lawn, a whack of trees (poplar and spruce) surrounding the lawn, and numerouse flower gardens.  All the lawn clippings, the mower chopped up leaves, and all the flowers that are pulled or cut down go on my compost pile.  I also add all the ashes from my fireplace to it.  Now don't tell my wife, but I also pee on it at least once a week (urea is really good for compost).  During dry summers (which are rare here) I water the pile about once a week.  Being lazy, I very seldom turn it, as the pile is about 10 feet across and about 4 feet tall.  Come spring, I scrape off anything that hasn't composted and start a new pile with it.  The rest, I rototill and move to whereever it is needed--everything grows like crazy--I can sit next to the house and watch the lawn grow.  Basically, this is composting made easy!!


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