Find parts for Hibbard Spencer Bartlett or just get a new stuffer

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by novasbc, Nov 24, 2014.

  1. novasbc

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    I have been using stuffing tubes on the end of my grinder, but I have discovered I really hate it.

    My father in law has an old Hibbard Spencer Bartlett cast iron stuffer, but it appears many years ago the sausage stuffing plate (larger) went missing, and all that is left is the smaller plate for fruit.

    I can't tell that one can find a replacement plate, usually you only find it as a whole unit.

    Should I just pick up a new stuffer?  If I spend much, I could have bought the LEM 5lb stuffer, and not have to fart around.

    That cast iron setup will last forever, however.

    It's a 4 quart model, which also appears to be less common.
  2. red dog

    red dog Smoking Fanatic

    In the long run I think you will be much happier with a new stainless stuffer. I have the 5lb LEM and cleanup is a breeze and it's much more sanitary than cast iron.
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  3. I also recommend getting a new stuffer.

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  4. novasbc

    novasbc Smoke Blower

    Thanks, I was leaning toward the new stuffer, but it helps to have some extra confirmation!
  5. daveomak

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    Get the new stuffer..... they are on sale.... Dave
  6. crazymoon

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    Check with Allied -Kenco co..They can find parts for older stuffers/grinders.
  7. novasbc

    novasbc Smoke Blower

    I didn't realize the current LEM prices were sale prices.

    I was looking around, debating getting a 15lb version, and noticed that many of them *appear* to be the same thing.  LEM, Grizzly, Kitchener (Northern Tools).  Are they actually the same?

    The one difference with LEM is that I can get the version that comes with stainless steel tubes.
  8. daveomak

    daveomak Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    If you get a 15# stuffer, from what I have heard, making sticks is out.... has something to do with the diameter of the piston vs the diameter of the stuffing tube... 5# stuffer is what LEM recommends for making sticks... basically small diameter eats...
  9. I can't say for sure that they're all the same in terms of all the parts being interchangeable but the stuffing tubes certainly should be.
    I bought the 15 lb. stuffer from Gander Mountain and got the stainless steel tubes from LEM....saved a lot that way because the LEM stuffer is quite pricey.

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  11. jckdanls 07

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    Martin.. are you doing snack sticks with the 15 ??
  12. No, I don't have a tiny tube for the 15 lber.
    I do sticks with the 5 lber.
    Most of my stick batches are small anyway.

    Pops says he does sticks with a Northern 15 lber.

  13. novasbc

    novasbc Smoke Blower

  14. It said the same thing when I bought mine a couple years ago.
    The gears are definitely steel.
    Several on this forum have that very same model stuffer.

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