Finally Smoked That Brisket!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by grumpy23, Aug 21, 2016.

  1. Had that Cotsco 12# plus Brisket trimmed down of top fat and hard fat in the point. I figure about 2 1/2 + of trimmings. So call it about 10# going in the Smokey Mountain Electric.

    After seasoning overnight, put that baby on about midnight Friday evening. Tried to maintain temp 225° - 250°. Harder than I thought.

    I understand the varying temps as the electric cycles from heating off and on. Finally after an hour got it where I was comfortable.

    While working at the computer and observing the remote temp. monitor went to bed about 4am. Temp was up around 100° I believe.

    Woke up about 6:30 and checked  and it was about 153°, by 11am temp was 180°. Wrapped in foil and maintained about 250°. 

    Continued smoking until 2:45. Temp was stuck at 190° for the last 2 hours. Don't think it was a stall - from what I read that seems about 20 - 25 degrees too high. Checked meat with an instant read around the whole brisket , read 195° - 200°. Decided to take out, look real good, nice and juicy. Wrapped back up and put in cooler with towels and drove over to daughters house.

    It sat in cooler 'til about 5:3o and took out and it was still hot and even looked better before after taking out.

    Sliced that baby up, flat was a little dry - did not seem to have a lot of marbling, but the point was right on.

    Everyone enjoyed, tasted great, nice bark - a little soft but still good. Glad I bought the packer as I wood have been disappointed with the results with doing only the flats. Next time will try and smoking a little higher temp, about 260°.

    End result I thinking B- or C for the first time. Now I will know more about it when doing it again.
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  2. smokinal

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    It sure looks good from here!

  3. millerbuilds

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    Looks good!

    Even if it does not stall, you may want to wrap at 150-160.

    Also, did you wrap and let it rest?  I typically pull my briskets at 205 wrap in foil and a beach towel and place in a cooler for 2 hours.  It really helps pull the juices back in and makes it super tender.

    Smoke ON!

    - Jason
  4. Forgot to post pic after taking out of cooler after resting 2 3/4 hrs.

    On the other the other pics does the portion sliced from the flat look a little lean?
  5. millerbuilds

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    Sorry missed the part about resting.

    The flat will always be lean.  Tough to tell from the pictures, but it looks fine to me.  Give it a try again and see if you have the same issues.  I have never waited to wrap until 180.  I wrap at 150 and leave in until it hits 205.  Then rest for at least 2 hours, I have had some that have been a bit dry and tough, typically because of poor quality of meat.

    - Jason
  6. Looks good from here!  Congrats on your first brisket.
  7. Looking good Grumpy, I wish I would of done one this weekend, tasty!

  8. Thanks for everyones reply and good words!

    I will now have the confidence to do it again and adjust temp and try to wrap earlier. It is one thing to read about how to do it and another to actually do it. It takes practice, like anything in life! Happy smoking!
  9. Looks awesome, especially for your first! Congrats!! (I still have yet to give one a try) The juices are smiling at me!
  10. If that was your first you did a fine job on it. Nice bark and the slices looked nice and juicy. Point.
  11. disco

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    It looks like a fine meal to me!


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