Finally smoked first brisket !!!

Discussion in 'Beef' started by bigorange, Apr 4, 2015.

  1. bigorange

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    Finally smoked my first brisket in the mes 30. I kept it simple with just salt and pepper on brisket. I used a combo of hickory chips and chunks with a little charcoal. I got a little smoke ring somehow, but on the bottom only tho?? It was 8.7 lbs and all one rack wanted. I made burnt ends out of the point!!:drool
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  2. humdinger

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    That last shot is great. The meat looks very tender. How did you like the simple rub? Would you step it up next time or keep it the same?
  3. Three words: dee lish us!😎
  4. bigorange

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    I couldn't believe the tenderness. The probe just fell thru like melted butter. The brisket had so much flavor I see why people use just salt and pepper and throw it on. I may try a different rub next time, but the meat sure didn't need it.

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