Finally located a barrel..

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  1. So I finally got a barrel. This is my basic plan for the USD Build. Thoughts and opinions are greatly welcomed:

    Burn Barrel well

    Sand outside and whatnot, do rest of prep work as needed

    Going to install three 3/4" vents with two check valves and one capped

    Was going to place three shelves:

                    First about 10 to 15" above fire box for water pan

                    Second about 12" Down from top

                    Third about 2.5" down from top for ribs while bbq other things at same time

    Going to install a 2 or 3" vent tube with damper

    Handle for lid

    Paint with high heat paint

    Build fire box with expaned metal and a smaller grate

    This very rough and basic I know, but fill in the major blanks of I missed something obvious. The small stuff I pretty much know just not willing to type out..

  2. ak1

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    Ideally you want your lowest meat rack 24" from the bottom of the fire basket. How I make mine is, I go 27" from the bottom of the drum. I build my charcoal baskets with 2 or 3" legs.  Vents, I drill 1.5" on centre from the bottom of the drum and drill 1" holes to accommodate 3/4" pipe.
  3. When you say bottom rack, you are referring to the rack I will be putting the water pan on? or for the meat?
  4. ak1

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    I'm referring to the lowest meat rack. On my drums it ends up being around 7-8" from the top of the drum.
  5. Gotcha.. thanks
  6. Hello !

    This topic intrests me because I will be doing UDS also.

    I noticed in some photos where guys have (3) small valves installed low in the drum. I'm assuming this is to control air flow in. Is this more in-line with minion method (which I'm learning about) or is this to evenly control flow vs just 1 vent? 

    Is the fire basket supposed to be off the floor of the drum? I want to simply burn wood (I have a lot) can/should I not just burn off the bottom of the barrel?

    Sorry Dirtydog207 - I hope I'm not mowng your lawn, stealing your smoke etc etc :)

  7. ak1

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    Hi Dave!

    Yeah, you want the bottom of the fire basket a few inches off the bottom of the barrel for airflow reasons. What that space does, is allows ash to fall from the basket yet still allow air to flow without choking the fire.

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