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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bertman, Jun 14, 2014.

  1. It seems like if it wasn't raining around here the past couple of weeks, it was getting ready to. But today is sunny and currently about 78 degrees. I just had to fire up the smoker since it is supposed to rain again tomorrow.

    A few days ago I started thawing a top round venison roast, and today I went to Aldi to get a couple of chickens. One of the chickens was marked wrong, and I even pointed this out to the lady at the register, but neither one of us wanted to stand around arguing with a chicken, so I paid $1.71 for a chicken that should have been over $5.

    Both chickens were stuffed with chunks of green apple and lemon, and rubbed with a combination of poultry seasoning, thyme, dried lemon peel, and kosher salt. I apologize for not including pics of the chickens ready for the smoker. I swear I took a photo, but my phone tells me otherwise.

    The venison roast was injected with a brine of apple juice, a little soy, and garlic powder, then rubbed with bacon grease and a beef rub I have on hand.

    These have been in the smoker for a little over an hour now at 225, with apple chips and pecan pellets (using the AMZNPS in a mailbox). More updates to follow.
  2. Looks good so far!!!  [​IMG][​IMG]
  3. Just went out to insert thermometers after two hours.

    The venison roast was already up to 162 degrees (past my target of 150) so I pulled it and tented it in foil. The birds are in the 150s, so they are staying.

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    Good lookin Q Bertman ! :beercheer:
  5. Going to be a great meal for sure. 

  6. I sliced the venison roast pretty thin for sandwiches throughout the week.

    VERY tender and juicy! This is going to make some tasty sandwiches!
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    To confirm the above statement about "tender & juicy", I'am afraid I'll need some evidence for further investigation..... I'll p.m. with my address as I would need several samples to conclude a complete investigation ! LOL. In all seriousness Bertman, very nice lookin Q ! :beercheer:
  8. Thanks, WHB. Still waiting on the chickens. Just about ten degrees shy of dinner.
  9. Chickens were delicious. Maybe a little overdone (I'll explain in a second), but moist and a perfect amount of smoke and spices (lemon definitely came through).

    I am still learning something every time I smoke. This time I learned two important things:

    1. Don't trust the thermometer on my MES. When my wireless therm that I use for grilling read 188 on one chicken, the MES read only 170. And the MES therm never went above 173, even though I gave it more time and the chicken was slightly overcooked. From now on, no matter what I smoke, I'm using the wireless. The internal thermometer is retired.

    2.  (And I'm mad because I know that I've read this great advice on this forum before, but) I need to open the chip try slightly when I use the AMZNPS and my mailbox. I keep looking for more smoke flavor, and while I was waiting for the AMZNPS to burn out, I fiddled with the tray and opening it made a HUGE difference!

    Thanks to all who contribute to this site. I get made fun of at home for the amount of time I spend on here, but tonight while I was cutting up the chicken (but not as fast as my wife could sample it), she told me she knew there was a reason she married me.

    Then she went to the grocery store and swore when she returned that crackers and cream cheese were on sale. Looks like I'll be smoking some salmon this week...

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