Finally a start to my wood smoking journey

Discussion in 'Wood Smokers' started by fourthwind, Aug 29, 2009.

  1. fourthwind

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    I like many folks getting into this venture keep an eye out on craigs list. After drooling at one of the other posters find this morning, I did my usuall browse, and found this. It needs some mods, but for 40 bucks I couldnt pass it up. The fire box is 1/4 inch steel, and odvioulsy the barrel is a plain 55 gallon drum. I am planning on eventually replacing the drum with an air tank or propane tank. For me this is a good start on my journey. For 40 bucks it's worth it just for the fire box.

    Question 1. Whoever started this project didnt paint the fire box. I am planning on wire brushing the corrosion off and painting. What type of paint is best?

    Question 2. the stack (which is too short to see in the picture) is 4 or 5 inch pipe. how long should the stack be for this size smoker?

    other suggestions?

    I will have some better pictures soon. This is the picture that was on the add. I put it on a trailer and left it at my father inlaws who has a shop in his garage until I at least get wheels on the thing.

  2. hemi

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    The best deal I have found on paint that works is at Lowe's home improvement store. Rustoleum paint for weber grills . seems to hold
    up well and is pretty cheap for a quart and goes a long way. if you
    use a brush the brush marks will all but disapear. bout the best bang for the buck I have found. AND U will have enough left to touch it up forever.. Hemi..[​IMG]
  3. beer-b-q

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    Nice find... You can use any type of High Temp Paint, the higher the temp rating the better...[​IMG]
  4. nate_46

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  5. old poi dog

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    [​IMG] got a good deal yourself! After and afternoon of wirebrushing and painting, you'll be good to go! Any idea what the inaugural smoke will be? Have fun and don't forget to post Q-views when you can.
  6. alx

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    DITTO.I am building a smokehouse myself soon(and UDS Etc.) if i can guarantee i will be in my parts another few years...KUDOS
  7. fourthwind

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    Initial smoke wont be for a week or two. I am pulling out of town tomorrow morning to take some soldiers out hunting dove for a few day's. When I get back, I will start working on mods. Smoke stack extension, scrubbing and painting, wheels, and door modifications to seal the smoke chamber. Thanks for the info on the paint, and the excell sheet. Gives me a good place to start [​IMG]
  8. southoksmoker

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    Heck yeah! That firebox alone was worth the money spent! If you can come across a good propane tank, that box should weld right up to it. Good find![​IMG]

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