Finally, a brisket I'm happy with...sorta

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    So I have only made brisket about 6 or 7 times. First one was the best, all others have been disappointing. Now I know I should be taking notes on cooks but I get rushed or lazy and it just doesn't happen. So this time I actually had the opportunity to take my time and this one was actually not overcooked dry and crumbly.

    Working with a 13# choice brisket . Trimmed it a little bit, but not much.

    So... Rubbed it with SPOG and injected it with some beef broth.

    This is where the notebook would have come in handy.! Uses the wrong injection needle and half the broth shot all over me rather than on my brisket. But now I have this post to remind me.

    Threw it on the PBC with some hickory and cherry (and a philly style pork butt... If you haven't tried this, check out Sqwib's thread... Amazing)

    At about 160 it looked like this and I foiled it with some more beef broth.

    Started checking it at 190 and it seemed read when it was probing between 195-198. I separated the point and cubed some of it up for some burnt ends later. Foil, towel coolered the point and forgot to take pics. But here are some pics of the cubed point:

    I ate about 5 cubes haha to check for taste and tenseness. They were awesome. Wish I could buy just points around here.

    So after a few hours of testing in the cooler I took it or and sliced up he flat. Forgot to take a pic of the whole flat again! Doh!

    Definitely the best texture I've ever made. Tender and atull juicy.

    Of course I always wish it could be that juicy as hell stuff I see on TV but they inject it with stuff I can't pronounce and the. Slather in sauce all of which I probably never will. A lot of them are working with prime or Waygu beef which I'm not willing to pay for. Overall I'm happy but always looking to improve. Going to Vaccuum seal and reheat this on Monday for the Labor Day festivities while trying to prepare a million other things. Thanks for looking!

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    Congratulations, It looks wonderful!  I wish I had taken notes on earlier cooks too, all I can do now is pay better attention on the current ones.  [​IMG]  
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    Congrats on the brisky! Don't forget to post the burnt ends!:110:

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