Final Smoked Salmon with recipe, instructions, and Qview

Discussion in 'Fish' started by bearcarver, Mar 24, 2010.

  1. So looking forward to trying this over the next few days Bear! As a resident of Michigan, I have a good chunk of salmon that I am going to be utilizing with this recipe. My first smoker should be delivered to my house by tomorrow and after seasoning it in.....salmon is already getting ready to go!

    Thanks again for a great blow by blow instructions!
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    Nice , Bear. Should make this an 'Article'. [​IMG]

    Have a great Holiday Season and...
  3. Thanks for sharing this informative information..
  4. Doing this for the second time today, last time it was amazing.  This time I have had more of a chance to practice controlling my temps on my charcoal smoker, especially keeping them as low as you ask on this.  Hopefully its even better than last time.  Thanks for the write up.

  5. I'm new to smoking and to this forum. I just finished smoking a turkey for Thanksgiving and it turned out amazing. My next project was smoking some Salmon and I just happened to run into this post. Thanks for breaking down everything into steps and details. The pictures helped out a lot as well. 
  6.  I got to go out & pick up some of this stuff but will have to try it some time . Gotta go shoot a salmon to. Thanks for doing all the work for dummies like me. I know nothing about spices . My G/f thinks I'm a great chef with it comes to smoking. Thanks to the Smoke Forum & The good People like You Bearcarver . Now I got to figure a way to cut this to do one fish.
  7. The fish looks great!     [​IMG]
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    Bear you stated when using a charcoal smoker get temp to 140-150 for 4hrs, with no smoke for the 1st hr.  why would you not use smoke the 1st hr when using a charcoal smoker?
  9. Smoked some to die for salmon this weekend....!!!!!

    I used the Salmon U recipe, dry cure, works like a charm....!!!!

    Started slow and worked the heat up to 175 F, nice product..!!!!!

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  10. Thanks Bear,

    I've made this several times and everyone loves it.  All I can say is that this recipe is my first, my last, my everything when it comes to smoking salmon.
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    True cold smoked salmon can't go over 80 degrees from everything i've heard as it starts to cook over 80.    Now i'm confused...[​IMG]
  12. I was not trying for a true cold smoke, just trying to get the IT to above 145-160 F for fully cooked. If you keep the temp low the fats won't denature or leave little balls of fat on the finished product.
  13. I finished up a batch of salmon last week using your recipe with a few exceptions. I added some light brown sugar and substituted ancho chile powder for the cayanne pepper.

    6 hours in the brine.  Only mistake I made was bumping the temp to 102* instead of 120* afer the 1st hour.  The meat was firm after a day in the refer.


    Thanks for you time to post your techinque and recipe

    I have two more salmon in the freezer calling my name...
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    I'm so glad many of you are enjoying this Step by Step.

    Makes me feel good helping so many!!

  15. Bearcarver,

        Tried this out yesterday and I must say, the best smoked salmon I ever put in my mouth. Not to say they came from Oswego,NY. Right out of Lake Ontario

    Nice to catch your own. 
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    Thanks gwest !!!

    That's Great to hear!!

    I love snacking on this stuff !!!

  17. Has anyone tried this method with a fish other than salmon? I've got some cod to smoke this weekend. Would this recipe work?
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    Yes, I did it with Trout, Tuna, and Tilapia------Works Great. Just be sure to adjust your brine time for the thickness of the fish, as I noted in the instructions.

    Also watch out for overcooking thin pieces.

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    I used to hot smoke various fish sides however these days I prefer to "lightly" cold smoke fillets to begin with and then finally cook them (either in the smoker or in the oven) just before eating. Unlike most of the posts on here I have found that using a dry salt mix gives me much better control of the final salt content than using a liquid brine. The method I use is the same to begin with for the smoked fillets as it is for the traditional cold smoked salmon sides. This afternoon I have bought a couple of sides of each of Salmon, Haddock and Cod for smoking tonight and will create a Qview for posting up in a couple of days.

    Before people comment that they "have been smoking fish every day with brine for the past 300 years and have never made a single one that is too salty..." :), salt levels are a very personal thing and from when I used to work in the USA I think the general pallet in the US is more accustomed to a higher salt/sugar content than here in the UK. My wife is particularly intolerant of high levels of salt so I maybe have to be more aware that salt in the finished fish it is kept to a minimum.

    Great thread BTW - everything that has been posted so far looks great and I would certainly eat it.
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    Thanks Wade!!!

    As for too much salt----That is why I made the special note about thinner pieces needing shorter time in my brine.


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