Final "identifying a brisket" question

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  1. So i've trimmed fat and rubbed my brisket, but I'm still confused over which is the flat and which is the point end.

    The first photo below is fat-cap side up. It is thicker on the right hand side, and there is a "flap" of meat which I have lifted in the second photo on the right of the brisket. This sits on the top. This makes me think the right hand side is the point end although the opposite end is more shaped like a point I have seen from photos. The left hand side of the brisket is much thinner than the right.

    Before I stick it in the smoker can anyone tell me which end is which, and where I will want to stick the probe? Assume in the thickest part of the brisket which (I think) is the point at this stage. Any help appreciated!

    Image 1: Left side looks like point, but right side is much thicker and has a "flap" of meat on top.

    Image 2: Right hand side of brisket. The "flap" in question.

  2. icyhot

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    The thinner part will be the flat.
  3. From the pic. The left side should be the flat. That flap is found on the top of the point. I normally just cut it off and smoke it seperately and give it to my dogs. I like to insert the probe into the center of the back of the point. So in the pic. Right side all the way in going in left.
  4. smokeymose

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    The thinner end is the flat, even if it's "pointy" shaped. Your temp probe goes in the thickest part, as noted.
    James, next time you make a brisket, let me know. I'll come in a dog costume!
  5. Ha ha. Needed that. Been having one of those crappy days.

    I make a decent brisket :)
    Berrin and mocha would not be happy if they lost their share of bbq!
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    [​IMG]  Uh WOOF!. I get it. For 14 years my Girl was at my side making sure I was doing a good job cooking. Flaps and trim got smoked and knowing these treats would be done hours before the rest...Abby and I kept the details quite. Once we got caught by the Mrs's, the Dog hid and let me take the Heat![​IMG]...JJ[​IMG]
  7. Brisket must be like crack for dogs.
    Smart dog
  8. Brisket is everyone's crack lol
    Yeah dogs are the best. Always happy to see you. I consider them family. Plus all my lady friends come over just to see them lol

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