FINAL Build Update!!! Now with Q-View!!!!! (updated 7/26/13)

Discussion in 'Smoker Builds' started by scdigger, Jun 19, 2013.

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    Hey guys! Been patiently waiting for my build to start, but I've been at the mercy of the school's welding department schedule. My project finally came up! (I teach at a local technical college, and the welding class takes on various projects. All I have to do is pay for actual materials.)

    Platform: 120 gallon upright propane tank (tank was free)

    Building an upright smoker for this project...heat source: propane.

    First cuts...Day One:

    Here's the propane burner from Bayou Classics that will be the source of heat...dang, it's a big 'un...

    UPDATE: We replaced this burner...found out from research, it was rated for 210,000 BTU's. OK for a jet engine, but not a smoker. Replaced with one rated about 40,000 BTU's. Were able to get temps down in the 170s and up to the 350s during test burns.

    OK...this was the Day One post...I will continue to update as long as you guys are interested...I have no idea how long it will take...

    Thanks for looking and sharing this with me!!!

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  2. daveomak

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    Greg, morning.....   I think you will find that burner is too big for the size of  your smoker....    That thing must be 70,000 Btu's....  Something closer to 2-5,000 Btu's might be a better choice.....   That 's cool having the class have a smoker to build... Great learning experience...  

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  3. scdigger

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    Hey Dave,

    Thanks for the reply...if believe, from what I was told (so, who knows), that this burner CAN reach a high BTU, but based on the regulator they are going to use with it, we will be able to keep it low and controllable...they've built a lot of cookers, so, I'm going to go with what they say...for now!

  4. daveomak

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    SC, before you install it, hook it up to a tank and run it on low....    check the temp with a therm.....  smoking temps should be from 140 ish to 250 - 275.....  if you place a 1/8" steel plate 6" above the flame and check with a non contact therm, you will get an idea of the heat output...  place some sort of baffle around the set up to simulate the smoker...    I'm just trying to save you some time in having to modify your build.....   


    [​IMG]As an example, this burner has 3 separate burner rings that are operated independently..  It heats a smokehouse that is about 3' x 3' x 6'....  only using half of the burner....    
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  5. scdigger

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    Another pic...

  6. sqwib

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    Looking good so far.

    Is that the cooking chamber, from your photo it looks more like a 30 gallon, did you mean 120 pound tank.

    Anyhoot, looks good but heed Daves warning, especially for a vertical.

    Can't wait to see this baby in action
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    I'm in. Keep the pics coming.
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    I'm in, thanks for the heads up!

  10. scdigger

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    Been a week and a half since I last checked in on the build and the class has made some good progress. Still doing a little ad-libbing as we go...but that's what they are learning to do...

    Got door hinged and wheel base on...that's the door handle sitting on top...

    Closeup of the base...

    Working on the racks. An additional rack will go just above the burner for water pan, etc. Will also be putting in hooks in the top for ribs or sausages...the original ring from the top of the tank will hold the burner and chip pan.

    The door...

    Door hinge...

    The top where they have filled in a couple of pipe holes, but left the large one for the smokestack...and suggestions on smokestack height? Does it matter?

    That's all for now!

  11. scdigger

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    UPDATE TIME!!! 7/10/13

    Been in New England for the last 10 days, so the welding class has had lots of time to work. May be ready by the end of next week.

    Time for some new pics!


    Latches and handle attached....


    Smoke vent...


    Close up of the air vent...


    "Moving" handle on back...


    Hard to really see, but the bars will be part of the rib/sausage rack system. They are going to make some hooks to go here. These bars are removable...


    Working on the burner rack....If we are not to get a low enough temp with the inline needle valve, then we will replace with a smaller burner...


    Steel pan I found at TJ Maxx to use for woods chips...this will be something that I work with over time to "refine"...


    OK...that's all for now. They will be working on the gas connections, thermometer probe insert holes, and of course installing my chrome plated bottle opener this week. Ready to start test burning next week...
  12. link

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    This is pretty cool thanks for sharing. I hope you are planning on feeding the class a good smoked meal when this is done.
  13. scdigger

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    New Pic...(7/17/13)

    They attached a critical part of the smoker today...

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  14. hagisan

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    Yes they did!!  Smoker looks great.  That burner is a beast.  Thanks for sharing.
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  15. fwismoker

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    Exactly, it's the most crucial part!   I was starting to wonder whether your project was going to succeed or not!  You can rest easy now at least..[​IMG]
  16. Not sure how i missed this build. It does look great.

    I see lots of great Q in your future

    Happy smoken.

  17. scdigger

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    UPDATE!!! 7/25/2013

    8 new pics with sneak peek Q-View!!!

    One of the two vents they added...

    Bottle opener and cool little poker with accessory hooks...

    Back where they cut two tiny holes for thermometer cables to run...I know, kind of an ugly view, but will be putting a coat of high-temp black paint on it...

    The gas hookup...

    Welding class preparing for cookout tonight!!!

    Close-up of final build (minus painting)...this thing is blowing some smoke!

    Holding nice constant temp...I like it to be a little more in the 230 range, but they're doing the cooking today...only about 9 hours to go!

    Q-View Preview!!!

    More pics after tonight, with "the money shot!" Thanks for following my build (their build, my smoker!)
  18. scdigger

    scdigger Fire Starter

    You were VERY right about the burner...the lowest temp they could reach was 250 and that was stretching it...replaced burner and were able to temp range from about 170-350 with smaller burner.
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  19. Glad you got it going your way.


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