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  1. Cleanind up the house a bit today. Downstairs, shop, freezer. I found a few ziploc bags of boneless skinless breasts. And a very small pork loin cut. I was wanting to stuff a loin with a filling I read about on this site so I told my wife we would have chicken for dinner, but did not mention how I would cook it, or the little loin cut. One thing I really dont care for is big skinless boneless dry tasteless chicken breast. I had read about boudin and cream cheese filling on this site and that sounded good for chicken.
    The pork loin I unrolled and stuffed with apple as per mule. It wasnt the apple pie filling but the wife doesnt gravitate to sweets.
    The chicken was cut around 3/8" in a filet cut, stuffed with boudin and cream cheese in a sandwich of two separate breast filets and tied back with chefs twine. The little tenders I cut off got olive oil and some webers kickn chicken spice.
    The pork target was to finish at 145 and rest it up to 160, It was so small I pulled it at 153.
    The hot spots in the grill help me cook evenly as I move things around. The chicken fillets are firm, but best to use a spatula early and tongs later.
    Almost time for the pork and a few tenderz to come off. I started the pork first anyway.
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  2. The pork loin roll came off, and I tossed things around to even them up.
    the filets were last, but I really wanted 160 for them. I am good with bird from 160-175.
    Stubborn last piece, I finished on full high temp with the lid up.
    Corn, peas, beans, a dinasoar egg and a filet and a tender. Dinner for me. The wife declared the chicken some of the best I have made. I never did tell her about the cream cheese, just the boudin.
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    Looks nice and a good Plating shot... [​IMG]  

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