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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by ron forst, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. ron forst

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    Ok this might sound  like a dumb question. When looking atrecipes for different kinds of wurst, (sausage)when it calls for x amount of salt and lists it in ounces, what do you guys use to get an exact amount ounce wise??  I like when it says tablespoons or teaspoons that is easy for a dummy like me, but ounces? I have a measuring device that shows liquid ounces, is that the same as dry ounces?
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    A scale is what you would use. Measuring by weight is much more accurate than by volume. For instance, a pound of kosher salt has more volume than a pound of table salt despite each being just a pound.
  3. ron forst

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    Hmm, yeah Ive heard of scales, I guess my question should have said, WHICH scale do most use?
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    There are a lot of good scales out there for not a lot of $. Just make sure you get one with these two features - ounces or grams and a tare feature. The tare allows you to reset to zero after putting a plate or bowl or other object on the scale   
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    I have two. One is a small digital kitchen scale that only goes up to 5lbs and can do metric as well. It will get down to the hundredth somewhat reliably. The other is a much larger digital scale that goes up to 66lbs, does not do metric or ounces but can get down to the 10,000th.
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    A decent scale with the ability to reset to zero make it very easy to make spice and cure mixes.  I put a light weight bowl on the scale and reset to zero.   Add the first spice until I get to the required amount and reset to zero.  Continue to add the spices and resetting  until finished.  Saves a lot of spilling stuff.

    Wish I could recommend a specific model for you.   The less error in the scale the more expensive it will be.  Any modern digital scale should be accurate enough for what we do.  Buy a small digital scale to weigh cures and spices and you can get by with a larger analog or dial scale to weigh meats.
  7. venture

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  8. I have this one. I like it. It has a removable face with a cable so you can weigh stuff bigger than the scale.

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  10. venture

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    I would add that if you are using cure in sausage or even bacon?

    You really need to know how much meat are you dealing with after the trim?  How much cure to add to that correct amount of meat.

    A decent scale is invaluable!

    Good luck and good smoking.

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