Few quick questions before the big day??

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  1. I plan on smoking a bone in turkey breast on my new MES 40 for the big day. I will be using the slaughter house brine for about 24 hours and then drying and letting sit in the fridge over night before the big day.

    First question: I do leave it in the fridge uncovered correct? I've read that this prepares the skin for the smoke? I will then be allowing to rest briefly on the counter before going into the preheated MES. Right?

    My second question is: do I go ahead and stick the probe in when I first place it in? I have read a concerning thread (which I now can't find) recently about not inserting the probe before the bird reaches 140? I would hate to ruin the day with getting everyone sick on my first turkey smoke.

    My third question is about the resting after the cook: I intend on getting the breast to an IT of 160-165 then removing and letting rest. I have read that some say to wrap in foil and let rest in an empty cooler for 1-2 hours at room temp before serving? Could someone correct this if wrong and/or explain. 

    I hope to have time to get some Q-view on the big day to share! [​IMG]

    You guys are the best! 
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  3. Willie has you covered. You didn't say what size bird? I do have a question. You said you read not to put the thermometer in untill IT of 140°. How are you going to know what the IT is if you don't use a thermometer? I would just give it a couple of hours before you poke it. Most birds will be out of the danger zone long before the 4 hour mark. I have done 22 LB birds that were above 140° before the 4 hour mark.

    Happy smoken.

  4. Ha! My point exactly! And I believe someone asked that exact same question in that thread and the only response that came up was to use an infrared thermo. Who keeps one of those handy? 

    Thanks for the feedback fella's!
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    Follow this lead and you're good to go...

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving , and as always . . .
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    I insert my probe at my projected halfway point oft smoke. That's also the first time I open my lid. I won't open the lid again until I reach my projected IT of what I'm smoking. Unless I'm smoking rubs and then I only have a probe to watch the chamber heat and then do the toothpick/bend test as needed for the last hour of my smoke...
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    Leave the bird uncovered away from other foods as much as possible. Bottom self is best bet. This make for a crispier skin. You can let the bird warm no more than 1 hour before smoking. If you Injected anything go from refer to smoker only. Be aware...Any Time at room temp can cause bacterial growth.

    You can wait an hour or so before inserting probe but waiting to 140 is not necessary.

    If you want crispy skin, rest on counter uncovered 15 minutes and slice. If you need to hold it longer, you can foil and go in the cooler but you will lose the texture of the skin to softening....JJ
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    An Infrared Therm ONLY measures surface temp and is worthless for IT. The surface of any meat will be about 140 in 1 hour or less yet the IT will be below 100°F. Please let me know wher you read this dangerous response so I can go correct it. Thanks...JJ
  9. Some Q-view!

    Turned out pretty great. Looking forward to some sammies in the days go come!

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