Feldons and other calculators for builds?

Discussion in 'Smoker Builds' started by nwbhoss, Mar 5, 2016.

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    I have been working on my first smoker build for a while now and while I was searching other builds looking for ideas and info one thing came up over and over, people like myself asking for help about the size and style of their builds. 

    I was wondering if there could be a beginner forum for the build section that had links to the various calculators and how to use them to avoid people like myself asking questions that could be easily answered themselves with the correct info. 

    While I was searching threads I came across the mention of Feldons calculator several times and the new and improved version as well. I could not find the actual calculator at first just posts that showed the different equations and I drove myself half nuts trying to figure out the math. Once I finally stumbled on the actual calculator it was a no brainer. I feel like I was wasting mine and other peoples time asking for help when it was right there all along I just didnt see it. 

    If there was a First build questions area with things like this and other beginner info I think it would benefit everyone. I am very happy I got the help  needed before I made more mistakes than I did and I am sure guys here get tired of people like me asking the same stuff over and over. Maybe an easy to find section for us new dopes would help?  

    Thanks to everyone who has supplied so much great info and ideas and I hope to continue to do the same as I move forward with my own build. 

    It seems that firebox size and the opening between the firebox and the cook chamber is what a lot of people (myself included) have a lot of trouble with. 
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    Building a smoker is a project I have kicked around for a while now.  I have enough of the materials laying around now, and I have a taste for some brisket.  It is time to build.  I stumbled across this site and learned there is a lot that goes into building a smoker, fortunately before I started cutting.  I too would appreciate more info for newbs.  Perhaps some FAQs?  Thanks all.
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