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Discussion in 'Pellet Smokers' started by supercenterchef, Jul 18, 2013.

  1. So...I just got my FEC a couple of weeks ago and it ships with hickory.

    I've always found hickory a bit strong and have preferred Apple, Cherry, and Pecan for my smokes.

    But I've read that Pellet Smokers may have less 'smoky flavor' than the Amerique I was using before...and even with the hickory, this certainly seemed to be the case (though I must admit, it was my first smoke and so the FEC has certainly not been well seasoned...yet...)

    I'm going to Pine Bluff next week to pick up a couple hundred pounds of pellets from BBQr's Delight and was wondering if ya'll had any suggestions?  Do ya'll use different woods in your Pellet Smoker because of the less intense smoke flavor...if so, what?
  2. I have yet to get "too much" smoke from food cooked on my pellet cooker. Even using 100% hickory pellets I didn't think the flavor was overpowering. I actually want more smoke flavor!
  3. ballagh

    ballagh Smoking Fanatic

    i dont get nearly enough smoke with just my pellet pooper.  i have to use a smoke generator with it also.  i use bbq delight hickory in both, and mix some jack daniels pellets in the smoke generator along with the hickory.  great flavor and drives the neighbors crazy :)
  4. seenred

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    I've been mixing hickory and apple pellets in my hopper, with good results.  Like Ballagh, I use a smoke generator (amazen tube) sometimes for extra smoke flavor.  

  5. hmmm...so from what I read here and elsewhere, amazen looks to be almost a requirement for pellet smoking?
  6. s2k9k

    s2k9k AMNPS Test Group

    I think that was the whole reason Todd developed the Tube. I believe he has a pellet smoker and he wanted more smoke and the AMNPS wouldn't work well in the pellet smokers.
    You might want to call him and talk about it, I'm sure he can help you a lot.
  7. smokingrk

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    I use LumberJack 100% pellets and mix when I want to, for example I will mix Hickory,Maple,Apple, Cherry for ribs and pork butt, however I must say that I still use the tube with cherry, oak and apple pellets for additional smoke.If you use low temps like under 210 most pellet cookers produce a good amount of smoke (may not be enough for some, but sufficient) however at higher temps the tube makes a big difference in flavor. The tube smoker for additional smoke is a great addition to any pellet smoker,IMHO.
  8. iebbqman

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    Everyone has a different level of smoke flavor.  I do not use anything to increase the amount of smoke inside my cooking chamber.  I keep it around smoke or 180 on my traegar until my meat reaches 160 degrees.  Once it reaches that temp the meat will not take anymore smoke flavor into it. 

    I get great smoke penetration and wonderful smoke ring.  The flavor is perfect and my customers keep returning for more every time I set up.  So I guess if you want a heavy smoke flavor then use one, but to say it is required would be incorrect.  It is a personal taste preference.

    A lot of issues with smoke flavor and penetration has to do with the quality of the pellets being manufactured, and the quality of the meat and your preparation procedures. 

    Example, if you do not remove the membrane off of the back of ribs, it will result in less surface area for the smoke to penetrate.  Same thing if you have a low quality brisket that has more fat then meat showing resulting in less smoke penetration on the meat itself.

    On the other hand a low quality wood that burns quickly can result in more fire and less smoke resulting in less smoke in the chamber.  I for one believe you pay what you get for. 

    Does this mean that I would not use a smoke generator of some kind if needed.  I would in a minute.  I have an AMZN smoker on standby just in case.
  9. so, iebbqman...what brand pellet do you like?

    I picked up some BBQr's Delight this week...they were great folks, with great advice (and tons of experience).  Smoked the other day with a combo of Pecan and Cherry and am pretty happy with them--though it should be noted that I have almost nothing to comare them to...
  10. iebbqman

    iebbqman Fire Starter

    I use only one brand. It is from cookingpellets.com. It is called the perfect blend. It is a mix of hard maple, hickory, apple, and cherry. I cook all types of meat with it. There is no oak in it. It burns long has a great smoke flavor and leaves very little ash behind. I put over 200 lbs through my pellet grills before cleaning and there is only a few cups of ash in the bottom.

    YouTube be able to find it locally where you live. For the record bbqr's delight is my back up wood to this.
  11. I picked up 200lbs of 100% Hickory yesterday!


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