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Discussion in 'Beer & Ale' started by onoku, Mar 3, 2011.

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    Actually I took it as a cut to those Hawaiian & Texas Beers, however I appreciated Steve covering my back.

    Actually the worst beer I ever drank was "33" beer !  No telling what was in that crap!

    No problem here guys. Aint like I never said anything that could be taken more than one way.

    Smoke on,

  2. So many beers......so hard to choose......

    I will say my favorite for an everyday go-to beer would be Alaskan Amber Ale.  mmmmmmmmm!

    Others would be Newcastle, or Sam Adams.
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  3. moikel

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    Regular Australian beer only drink it if I  have to,put it in brine mix. Coopers Pale Ale & Sparkling Ale,James Squire range originally made by a transplanted american. Got a bit of a thing for Speights dark ale  & Monteiths range South Island NZ & the Czech beers Pilsener Urkel, Budvar, & a dark ale that is on tap at a mates Czech bar. Maudite from Quebec as long as you remember its %7 alcohol. And last but definitely not least Pig Dog Ale .Bavarian Bock style %6 that we are bottling tomorrow at ubrewit micro brewery tomorrow after 2 postponments[​IMG]  100 litres I will post a photo
  4. Guinness and Lancaster Milk Stout. Stouts are the best!!
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    Yuengling is a great bargain beer (found anywhere) but try Sierra Nevada (best gas station IPA). Dogfish Head makes some great brews but is a little more expensive.  Watch out for their 90 minute IPA!  Magic Hat is also really good and cost a little less than Dogfish.  Amstel Light has always been a great friend of mine but you can never have enough Blue Moon!  Sam Adams also has kick butt seasonals.
  6. flash

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     Of course you have to ask WHICH Sam Adams. For all the beers they have, they produce a lot of crap. I have not tried them all, but so far only Winter Lager, Boston Lager, Brown Ale and Black Lager have floated my boat. Octoberfest was not bad.
  7. flash

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  8. Flash-   Most of the Sam Adams stuff is good.  Boston Lager, Winter Ale, and even the summer ale are good.  Also- Sierra Nevada makes a nice brown ale.  I had this thick, dark Belgian abbey at a local brewhouse in Tucson brewed as a quadruple that was sweet, tasty, and STRONG.   It was at Thunder Canyon Brewery, and it was called Quad The Impaler.   Very tasty.
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  9. I love any Oktoberfest beer.

    I go out and buy a couple cases whenever it comes into stores.  Either Lienenkuegels or Sam Adams or Magic Hats.

    My next favorites are ambers, reds and a decent ale like Sam Adams.

    I remember when I was a kid (Sorry nostalgia hitting me) and I'd see programs or read books about people drinking Ale and I never knew it was beer and would think it must be like the best soda pop ever if everyone is drinking it.
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    With over 30 beers made by Sam Adams, obviously I have not tried them all and as with anything, we all have our own taste. The only ones I would give above a 3 star (out of 5) are the following. We can easily drink, Winter Lager, Boston Ale, Cream Stout, Summer Ale, Boston Lager, Black Lager and Brown Ale, but none reach our 4 star level. Again, Octoberfest only garnered a 3 star from the wife and I. JMHO.

    Have you ever seen Sam Adams, Irish Red?? Heard that is one to try, but have never seen it.
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     We did try one tonight that is new for us and both the Mrs and I gave it a **** 4 Star performance. 

    Maudite Ale. A darker ale that was not so overpowering. Very nice.
  12. retread

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    Harpoon IPA for me, I like a real "bite".
  13. smokin - k

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    I love this topic! Being in micro-brew territory I have been gravitating to anything made by a Hood River, OR company called Double Mountain Brewing. The guy who started the company used to be Full Sail brewery's Head brew master. He opened up a little brew pub accross the street from his past employer and has been making amazing beers ever since. They make an IRA and a Kolsh that are both to die for... I also drink a ton of Full Sail "Session Lager".. Happy Drinking, Smokin - K

    P.S. If I'm looking for quantity I also like Busch Light... In the 16oz can!
  14. This is my kind of topic as well!  I am a quasi beer snob myself, I lived in Colorado for 7 years and I ate the most crappy inexpensive food just so I could afford good beer!

    Top 5 is even really hard but I'll try in no particular order.......

    -Tommy Knockers Maple Nut Brown

    -Breckenridge Avalanche

    -Single Track

    -Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

    -Carlsbad Chronic(I swear it's a beer!)

    Although the best beer that I've ever had in my life, because of situation, was a Guiness.  And the ONLY reason...and I mean ONLY reason is because it was the first beer I had in over 7 months while flying back to the States after a tour in Ar Ramadi, Iraq.  It was 0530 when we landed in Shannon Ireland and they had Guiness and Beamish Red lined up for us, and holy *&^$%#$ was it GOOD!  I don't even like Guiness!  It was a well deserved beer!
  15. [​IMG]

    What I'm drinking right now!
  16. flash

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    Thanks for your service Mike. Glad you made it back home.

    I have only had Tommy Knockers Butthead so far. *** 1/4 stars for us. Will have to look for the Maple Nut Brown

    Sierra Nevada Pale Ale got the same rating while their Celebration only got a **. Not good at all.
  17. I havent seen anybody mention Rogue's "Voodoo Doughnut Maple Bacon Ale".  This stuff is disgusting. My favorite is Rodenbach's Grand Cru.

  18. Lately its been Fat tire or Accumulation. Their is a really cool local Winery and Brewery called Copps that has some of the best micro brews I have ever had. If you are in west central Florida go there and have fun!
  19. ristau5741

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    Flying Dog, Snake Dog IPA  7.1%

    mmmm   gonna pick me up some on the way home tonight.
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