Fatty Throwdown??

Discussion in 'Fatties' started by bbqgoddess, Jul 11, 2008.

  1. cman95

    cman95 Master of the Pit SMF Premier Member

    I will still be in Angola but I can't wait. I can see the possibilities of many new fatty recipies. Ain't this place great?? BBQG, YOU ARE MY HERO!![​IMG]
  2. tbucher1218

    tbucher1218 Smoke Blower

    we are supposed to be out of town that weekend also, but it will be great to see what everyone comes up with. I think a poll would be great, after all it is for fun and watching the voting is fun as well.
  3. ck311

    ck311 Smoke Blower SMF Premier Member

    Well you can count me in I've been tossing some ideas around in my head. This could be really fun.

    As for judging I think the Mods should pick a top 5 and then have a poll on it.
  4. lownslow

    lownslow Smoke Blower

    All Right! This is going to be a blast. I'm so in! [​IMG]

    I'm fine with any type of judging. I would just want to know if there will be any voting instructions (vote for the best looking, best ingredient combination, best technique etc.) Or will it just be up to the judges to decide how and why they cast their votes?

    We could forward pics to one trusted person and then they all get posted anonomously (sp?) to do more of a "blind"-type judging.

    Just some thoughts. Hmmm...what to make?
  5. voldaddy

    voldaddy Meat Mopper

    Listen, let's all do the right thing and keep this an honest contest. Everyone that enters the contest needs to send me a PM. I will in turn reply with my address. You will then need to Fed-Ex me your fattie packed on dry ice. I will eat all of them, and then will post my results and announce the winner.

    Hey, I'm a great corporate citizen, just trying to do my part. [​IMG]
  6. bbqgoddess

    bbqgoddess Master of the Pit OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    give, give, give, what a giver! lol!!
  7. rbrinton2373

    rbrinton2373 Fire Starter

    Even though I am doing my first fatty ever as I type this I am game. If anything just the ideas from everyone would be awesome. But with that said I really don't like to lose so i will give it my best go.
  8. dennisdocb

    dennisdocb Smoking Fanatic SMF Premier Member

    I wouldn't miss this for the world..always love a good throwdown..count me in
  9. See ALL great minds think alike. i'm in!! Been having some idea's since my first one last week so what better way to go up against the big dogs. Ya'll are GREAT!!! With all the people it's a WIN-WIN for everyone!!
  10. vince

    vince StickBurners SMF Premier Member

    I never done a fattie, Maybe I will next weekend just for the fun of it,
  11. erain

    erain Master of the Pit OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    here we go, this says it all right here!!!! vinnie my man is gonna do his first fatty in the throwdown!!!! just for the heck of it. way to go man i knew the fatty thing was on the verge really blowing open this summer and i think it just has, or rather will next week.who knows maybe this is gonna turn into an annual event!!!!!
  12. ncdodave

    ncdodave Smoking Fanatic

    vinnie if your team will be at infinion raceway in about 2 weeks for the race then we'l have a fatty drag race! hehehehe i know for a fact your teams funny car will turn my rail into dust! a '95 van ness is what i drive when im not workin' the ambulance. zoom zoom! ahhhhh the smell of vht, nitro and fatties....... im in heaven!
  13. vince

    vince StickBurners SMF Premier Member

    Hello, Dave, I'm not going to be anywhere near California that weekend, To far west for me, LOL. I'm not part of the DHL team.

    I have not been out to the track much this year, I hope next year to have more time.

    I have been working with my Son and getting him started in racing, Don't know if he Has the drive to do it. I guess time will tell.

    I agree something about the smell, Nothing smells better.

    Have a great Time at the races.
  14. lownslow

    lownslow Smoke Blower

    Would it be possible to get all the fatty pics on 1 thread without pages of posts inbetween? I was just thinking that it would be nice if voters could look at them all close together without having to go through a whole bunch of pages of great supportive comments. I just have the feeling that this thread may get pretty long and the more voters we can get in the mix the better.

    My 2 cts.

    Can't wait to roll up my competition fatty.
  15. lcruzen

    lcruzen Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    I won't be able to do one til Sunday so I'm out of the comp already. Might do one anyway though and post as a pre-disqualified late entry.
  16. smokin' dick

    smokin' dick Smoking Fanatic

    I just did my first Fatty this past weekend, a 2 pounder, and all the guest said it came out great. It disappeared quickly. I am down for this throwdown.
  17. bbq addict

    bbq addict Smoke Blower

    Doh!! I was off on my weekends. Bellevue's Red, White & Que is this weekend and I'm judging... I may have to follow Icruen's lead and smoke one Sunday.
  18. capt dan

    capt dan Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    I think I'm in!
    I would like to make a suggestion.

    Let's post these on one thread. Keep the post to 50 - 100 words describing the ingredients, what its smoked on and the wood/fuel used. Kinda simple but short. There looks to be alot of interested folks, so we should limit the post size, and maybe 3 pics too an example 1 pic flattened before rolling, 1 pic finished and resting, and the final pic of a cross section.

    after all entries are in, like monday, or late sunday( cuz of the west coast folks) then vote in a poll for the winner..

    Just my idea.[​IMG]

    Either way, you know I am in![​IMG]
  19. bbqgoddess

    bbqgoddess Master of the Pit OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

  20. chrome

    chrome Smoke Blower

    I'm in... Sounds like fun.
    I'm all for a poll... Polls are good because a lot of times they include a bit of critique by nature.

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