Fatty Sausage?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by maloff28, Feb 28, 2014.

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    I usually make a meatloaf mix for my fatties, but was going to try sausage this time.

    I realize that  a lot of it is personal preference, but what kind of sausage you prefer for fatties?  Brand? Style?  
  2. My favorite is from my Piggly Wiggly, they make it themselves and sell it in bulk.  Several flavors but we usually just buy Italian.  My next choices are the tubes of Bob Evans and Jimmy Dean.  We tried to save a few cents once and bought an off brand in the tubes, it worked ok but had absolutely no flavor, it was like chewing something and tasting nothing.  It was a breakfast fatty and the sausage was supposed to be a maple flavor.  Trouble is they forgot the maple flavor or something.  So .... my suggestion is fresh if you can get it, of course another option is always to grind your own pork and then you have complete control.
  3. My wife doesn't much care for pork sausage so I've used a breakfast sausage spice recipe in lean ground beef that turned out well.
  4. I grind up some pork sirloin roast and spice it up based on the type of fatty. Usually pretty basic but I've been known to go a bit crazy with it once and awile. Pick up the 3 pound packs of bacon ends and add some of that for fat content.

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