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  1. i'm pretty new to smoking, and i wanted to try my hand at a fatty this weekend while i'm smoking a boston butt and ribs. since i plan to start smoking the butt at about 5:00 a.m., i figured that if i put my fatty on at that time then it should be ready around 8:00-9:00. i plan on stuffing the fatty with potatoes, scrambled eggs, and cheese. i also planned on trying the bacon weave, but my family is not a huge fan of bacon that is not crispy. i assume that bacon usually has to fry in its own grease in order to get crispy, so will i have a change of having a crispy bacon weave by smoking the fatty?
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    cant help ya as i dont put bacon on my fatties.
    it's not necessary and i like em better w/o the bacon.
  3. I've never done the weave on a fatty, but on ABTs I do find the bacon wrap will get crispy if the smoker is hot enough (say 225-250). The bacon grease seems to sort of stick to the bacon and fry itself even if it's not in a pan. I would assume that it'd be the same for a bacon weave.
  4. well i certainly will be keeping the smoker at 240-250 for the butt's sake, so hopefully it will crisp up the bacon.
  5. so does one usually scramble the eggs immediately prior to stuffing the fatty? eggs scrambled the night before (and refrigerated) sounds bad. also, does one usually cook the hash brown potatoes before stuffing, or should the smoke process cook the potatoes?
  6. I've never done potatoes, but I think you're potatoes may come out a little under done depending on the size (large cut potatoes will take longer). I would probably cook them before hand for a little bit, just under done, and then roll out the fattie. But someone else may have better advice than that.
    As far as the bacon, I've seen a few threads of people saying that the bacon on the bottom layer (the inside weave) of the weave is underdone, even when the rest is.
    Good luck to you and I hope this helps.
  7. I usually scramble the eggs right before I make the fatty. I agree, day old eggs doesn't too good. As far as the hash browns go, I usually just do obrien potatoes and I just throw them in frozen from the freezer bag. They're done just fine. Remember you're cooking to an internal temp, so it may take longer, but done is done with regards to temp.

    Maybe if you rotate the fatty during cooking it would prevent the underdone bottom?
  8. so what exactly is the internal temperature for a fatty? i mean how does one measure this with a probe thermometer with all the "stuff" in there?
  9. I usually do a plain fattie with the temp probe in it. I shoot for 165ish
    I found that were the bacon overlaps on the weave it will not be crispy. Everywhere else (the outer weave) will be nice and crisp.
    Good luck, enjoy
  10. I usually shoot for 160-165ish. Somewhere around there. Just jab the probe in it somewhere in the middle, kinda gauge it so you're in the middle of the filling and call it good.


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