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  1. I buy brisket from a local butcher shop and they have pretty decent prices but my brisket has a lot of fat in the middle like it's sandwiched between 2 pieces of meat. Is this the point and flat? Should I separate the 2 pieces of meat? If not how do I render the fat out so all I have is a nice tender piece of meat without the chewy fat? Still low and slow until it reaches 200 IT?
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    You can separate if you want to, and cook both separate. But I'd leave it hole and hold a steady 225_250* until probe tender. The point may be probe tender before the point. Separate them cube up the point for burnt ends while the flat continues to cook.
  3. Don't worry abut that fat. It is normal. Most folks cook the whole packer. Once cooked you can basically just pull apart the point and flat along that fat layer. Cut and scrape away what fat you don't want.

    Like mowin said you can separate them a little before the flat is done and continue cooking the flat and cube up the point and toss in a little sauce and rub and back In the smoker till the sugars caramels nice and dark. Thems the Burt ends. They're good eatin.
  4. Thanks guys for the advice!
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    That's exactly what that fat is, Falcon, a division between two pieces of meat, the flat and point. Many of us like that fat because that's what makes a brisket so tender and juicy. You can separate it before cooking and trim if you like. That's the beauty of brisket, you can do whatever you want with it and it's good!
    That said, I've never had "chewy fat" in a brisket...
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    My Dr won't agree with me, but dam is that good stuff.

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